Lee S. Gliddon, Jr.: Why No Aircraft Carrier In Mediterranean?

Friday, 25 February 2011


There is no aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time since Jimmy Carter was in office!

It was apparent in Carter’s days as President that aircraft carrier presence was ‘pulled’ to allow a, ‘lame,’ excuse to allow the Shah of Iran to be deposed and to lend an excuse to allow American hostages to remain in the hands of their Iranian captors.

Obama must be a student of, ‘an Inept President,’ as he too offers a somewhat lame excuse for the impossibility to provide a, ‘No Fly Zone,’ over Libya.

The Dictator of Libya has allowed it to be made known his intent to disperse chemical weaponry upon the citizenry of Libya. In his mind, “If I must go, so must you.”

If it were possible to establish a ‘No Fly Zone’ utilizing aircraft from a off coast carrier there would be thousands of lives saved and a notification made to the world, ‘America still is the power to be reckoned with.’  Instead it is Obama’s position that due to a lack of presence in the Mediterranean of aircraft carriers he is helplesss.

As America’s Commander in Chief Obama can blame no one other than himself for this serious faux pas!

Shame on him! Shame!

Conservative Patriot

3 Responses to “Lee S. Gliddon, Jr.: Why No Aircraft Carrier In Mediterranean?”

  1. jdziuban Says:

    You blame Carter for removing them, and Obama for not replacing them. However, youfail to mention that neither Reagan, nor Bush the Elder, nor Clinton, Nor Bush the Fool, ever replaced them. Blame Carter and Obama, but ignore the three intervening Presidents, three of whom were republicans. An oversight of convenience?

  2. russ west Says:

    Could someone please fill me in on the present — 14 April 2011 —- status of an American carrier in the Mediterranean.
    Is there one there at present, and are there plans for it to leave and if so when and to where?
    And if not when did one last depart and to where?


  3. ent Says:

    I served on an aircraft carrier in the med under Reagan. The carrier that relieved us shot down 2 Lybian jets. Check yourself.

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