Northeast Intelligence Network: The North American Union – an act of TREASON!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

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by Joseph D. Haggman Associate Director, Investigative Researcher (

The citizens of America are supposed to be protected from such people and groups by law. That law, titled the Logan Act, prohibits United States citizens, without the authority of their office, from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments. Unfortunately for Americans, the Logan Act is trumped by the money and power of the unelected. To add salt to the deep American wound created by the real power brokers, the “big six” media companies and their talking heads have gone so far to “celebrate” the lack of media coverage or the “media blackouts” of these events. A simple example is the eligibility issue of Barack Hussein Obama.

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2 Responses to “Northeast Intelligence Network: The North American Union – an act of TREASON!”

  1. Ruth Hammons Says:

    Folks if we do not get that mad man out of WA he is going to force us to have to really stop him and we have got to find a legal way, as hard as that is to say. I am furious with that person and cannot stand him. Whoes willing to fight him and stop his insanity now!!

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