TREASON IS: The DICTATORSHIP of the JUDICIARY ready refernce links

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Robert Hefner illustration


  • Websites:

o   The Post & Email – Sharon Rondeau Managing Editor:

o   The Patriots Union – Marine Sergeant Tim Harrington:

o   The Fully Informed Jury Association – Iloilo Jones Director:


  • Articles – Interviews:

o   Bradley County Tennessee: “Liberty” doesn’t mean “physical liberty”: –

o   Monroe County Tennessee: The Face of Treason –

o   Monroe County Tennessee: Gary Pettway removed after 20-years as Monroe County Grand Jury Foreman!

o   Monroe County Tennessee: Has Monroe County admitted to violating the Law?

o   Hamilton County Tennessee: Crabtree out after 20-years as County Grand Jury Foreman! – Link to Marsha Crabtree’s 4-page letter and 2-page judicial reply. Chilling! Read first hand how your jury system really operates!

o   Our Grand Juries have been taken away!

o   Blog Talk Radio interview: The POWER of PRESENTMENT – Take back our Juries! What YOU can DO! –

  • Movies:

o   12 Angry Men – any version (Learn how a Jury is supposed to work. The power one person can have. Jury Foreman selected by the Jury from amongst the Jury)

o   Run Away Jury (The power of the Leader! Every Jury has a Leader…and the Verdict belongs to him”).

o   The Verdict (Here, in the courtroom: The Jury is the Law!) – Related link: Punishment without Law –

o   The Untouchables (Jury scene – replacing a compromised Jury).

o   The Hurricane (MATURE – Make believe this happened in Tennessee State. It is in fact what is happening to those falsely accused right here…right now).

o   Judgment at Nuremberg (Judges appropriately held to account crimes committed from the Bench).

o   Inherit the Wind (A Tennessee State Jury renders a Verdict grounded upon the finest principles known to the Judeo-Christian civilization).

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