Paul Craig Roberts: How the Law was lost

Monday, 7 March 2011

American military officers against Obama! (click here)

The TREASON COMPLAINT – Two-years old!

(click here)

To arrest TREASON read this…then write this!


Samson, Alabama 2009 (click here)

More regarding Samson, Alabama (click here) 

2 Responses to “Paul Craig Roberts: How the Law was lost”

  1. cam Says:

    Activities that are encouraged by Obama, Hillary and others; such as marching in the streets and deliberately crowding government buildings and saying things that interfere with the workings of government are lending aid and comfort to our American enemies is NOT legally protected ‘free speech” under the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution.

    Causing chaos during wartime adds stress to our soldiers fighting for peace and expressing support for the enemy are both illegal; it is sedition and sabotage! It allows enemy propaganda to flourish!

    These types of activities are TREASON against the United States which, under our Constitution, are punishable by fines, or by prison and even death.

    Lincoln was faced with traitors amongst our own Americans and he ordered them to be hung or shot by a firing squad.

    America won wars because we gave the enemy no quarter by our own actions and deeds. No quarter in our thoughts or purposes!

    Americas must not allow or tolerate chaotic activites that stop progress on the homefront as if it were free speech? It is not free speech, it is treasonous dissent.

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