Obama’s TREASON! Letter to an Editor: Obama should be impeached for Libya war

Monday, 28 March 2011

March 28, 2011 2:00 AM

March 22 — To the Editor:

On Saturday, March 19, President Barack Obama committed a crime, which requires his immediate impeachment. Invoking authorization from the Arab League and the United Nations, Obama ordered an attack on Libya.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution is unequivocal — the power to declare war rests solely with the United Sates Congress, and can only legitimately be used when the United States is under attack or faces an imminent threat. The civil war in Libya does not meet these standards.

The first article of impeachment should list Obama’s violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution. The second article should address his treason against the United States. Obama acted under the direction of a group of foreign diplomats. He did not seek approval from the American people by going before Congress to seek authorization. In essence, Obama is acting as an agent of foreign governments, not as the president of the United States.

Obama has put members of our military at risk. He has committed scarce resources to a conflict that is of no vital interest to the United States. More importantly, his random use of force is illegal and immoral.

The Nobel committee must be aghast that a preemptive Peace Prize was awarded to a man who has now revealed himself as a war criminal.

Dan Davis

Kensington, Maine

Seacoastonline.com (click here)

5 Responses to “Obama’s TREASON! Letter to an Editor: Obama should be impeached for Libya war”

  1. Billy Bowlegs Says:

    Send it to every sitting congressman – send millions until they get fed up and take their responsibilities serious.

  2. A Crazy Old Coot Says:

    Congress and the courts are not interested. They will ignore any request for impeachment or investigation.

    I foresee this coming down to a “we the people” resolution.

  3. Howard Ratcliffe Says:

    Obama in Brazil, Clinton at Elysee Palace, Congress in Recess, Biden silent. All on the 20th anniversary of Bush Sr murder of 150,000 Iraqi conscripts under Truce on the Hwy of Death (Hwy 8), Bush Jr’s “Shock and Awe campaign on Baghdad with no connection to 9/11. The date was “Purim”, a date from the Book of Esther, the Persian “Nowruz” and Hindu “Feast of Huli”; all eerily similar to April Fool’s Day in he type of Pranks played. More unique is the Full Moon was at perigee at the Rockets Red Glare. All coincience I’m sure.

  4. Excellent piece! I quoted from it and linked to it at my blog, here:


    Today there is a massive national grassroots effort to pressure Congress to impeach Obama, thousands of us are calling, faxing, emailing & writing! They may be able to ignore us as individuals, but when we melt the lines it gets harder to pretend we don’t exist.

  5. I added you to my blogroll also. 🙂

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