TREASON!: Managing Editor Sharon Rondeau – The Post & Email

Saturday, 2 April 2011

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We have people who are duty-bound to support the law, and we have people who are duty-bound to protect the Constitution to the point of their lives, their deaths, and they refuse to do their duty.  They are derelict in the performance of their duty to the point where America now can’t trust its court system, they can’t trust the police officers; they can’t trust the sheriff; they can’t trust many people in the military.  So at this point, we again have a very real and aggressive vetting process to find out who’s with it and who’s not.  And I’m going to name the names of the people who are not with it.  I’m going to point to our enemies:  people who know that the laws are being broken and refuse to enforce them, for whatever reason, and it doesn’t make any different what those reasons are.


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