Faces of TREASON in America!

Sunday, 3 April 2011


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3 Responses to “Faces of TREASON in America!”

  1. Ruth Hammons Says:

    I do not see how any of the officals are foolish enough to help take American down…they are all mostly corrupt and on the take…what the heck is the matter with them? Is their no honor, decency and patriotism left in this nation?….it has got to stop…..NOW…later will not work, as it all is crumbling NOW!

  2. Ruth Hammons Says:

    It seems we have more corrupt officals than ones that stand for this nation!..what the heck is the matter with them…and HOW can they help in the taking down of America…it is sickening…we have got to stand up and taken THEM down …all of them that are going against the Constitution and our Founding principals!!!!

  3. bill Says:

    Well Ruth,Yes it is true that Americans don’t have any Representation in D.C. but I maintain that not enough
    citizens are communicating with their Reps. I reckon they
    believe that someone else will do it for them.I believe they are sadly mistaken.cheers

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