TREASON in America: SEAL Jim O’Neill speaks to the heart of matters

Monday, 11 April 2011

Click on Robert Hefner’s illustration for Jim’s full narrative

Say what you will about his timing, the importance of what Trump is doing cannot be overstated—it is HUGE.  Because of Trump’s stand vis a vis Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS, all future conservative candidates for political office will be required to face the issue head on.  No more “bobin’ ‘n’ weavin’” around the “birther” issue.  Those candidates who try to avoid the eligibility issue, or worse, deny its importance, will be left in the dust.  “We the people” will see to it. (Link)


2 Responses to “TREASON in America: SEAL Jim O’Neill speaks to the heart of matters”

  1. Sandra Lee Smith Says:

    While I’m NO fan of Trump as a person or as a poliician, I do believe as stated here, that his move to demand proof of eligibility, although not the most compelling, will be the most difficult to ignore or sweep aside, and is perhaps the best hope the US now has of getting out of the mess Obama has willfully created in our nation. That with his stand on re-evaluating and re-negotiating ALL standing trade agreements between the US and all other nations, to agreements more favorable to the US than the current ones, are 2 sound reasons to consider him as a viable candidate for POTUS. Those 2 might buy the US enough time for Conservative reformers to get us back on the right track toward a Constitutional government!

  2. bill Says:

    Well just from my point of view,I have left all the bru ha ha about
    Obamas credentials because there is enough verifiable evidence of
    gross Treason by Mr.Obama and his merry band of scalawags that would get ANY American Citizen locked up for a thousand years.I thought just maybe readers would like to have a change of laughter
    that I received from one of my email pals.

    Prices are quoted in US dollars per gallon for regular unleaded as of March 2011

    Oslo, Norway $6.82
    Hong Kong$6.25
    Brussels, Belgium $6.16
    London, UK $5.96
    Rome, Italy $5.80
    CANADA $5.36
    Tokyo, Japan $5.25
    Sao Paul o , Brazil $4.42
    New Delhi, India $3.71
    Sidney, Australia $3.42
    Johannesburg , South Africa $3.39
    Mexico City$2.22
    Buenos Aires, Argentina $2.09
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia $0.09
    Kuwait $0.08
    Caracas, Venezuela $0.12
    Gee, if only the U.S. was an oil producing nation…..
    Hey, wait a minute!!! We are!!! What the hell happened!?

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