TREASON in America: SEAL Jim O’Neill eliciting our help in supporting “Trump dump the Chump”

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Post & Email Managing Editor Sharon Rondeau slams O’Reilly! (Link)

SEAL O’Neill’s update addendum filed this morning – 13 April 2011 (click here)…

“Given what little we do know of Obama’s past, and considering the type of people he has surrounded himself with, both before and during his Presidency, you would have to be extraordinarily dense and/or deluded not to be deeply concerned about Obama’s credentials.  Officer O’Reilly can say “Nothing to see here folks, move along” all he wants, but “we the people” know d—n well there is something here to see, and we are not moving along.” (Link)

Click on Robert Hefner’s illustration for the rest of SEAL Jim O’Neill’s report from yesterday (12 April 2011)


As alliteration goes I favor Trump talks TREASON!

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