TREASON in America: Targeting Americans, and With Little Controversy

Monday, 9 May 2011

Where’s the outrage over the Obama Administration’s secret assassination attempts on U.S. citizens?

by Conor Friedersdorf

“When the presidential assassination list came to light, it garnered some criticism. That has now mostly faded, despite the fact that we’re witnessing an unprecedented assertion of executive power — one that has obvious potential for the worst kinds of abuses. It has become our new normal. Are we going to get through a presidential election without any significant challenge to Obama on this?

“Even if no U.S. president ever intentionally abused the power to order the secret assassination of his fellow citizens — and is any power more corrupting than the ability to kill whomever you like in secret? — it is folly to imagine that innocents won’t be assassinated under this policy, if only accidentally, should it go on for very long. That is what happens when checks and balances are abandoned, oversight is eschewed, and citizens are stripped of their rights without due process. And if this power was abused? It is difficult to imagine a more horrific scenario than the constitutional crisis that would result from a president murdering while asserting impunity.


2 Responses to “TREASON in America: Targeting Americans, and With Little Controversy”

  1. Rich C Says:

    Once a citizen decides to become part of a foreign enemy that person then becomes an enemy combatant & can be targeted either for capture or elimination. The due process afforded to citizens becomes null & void once a citizen takes arms against this nation in the attempt to destroy not only it’s government but to harm, maim, kill innocent civilans. Let us not confuse Fundamental Terrorists with freedom fighters within this nation who may to decide one day to restore this country to the principles upon which was founded.

  2. Ruth Says:

    Though I think that the ACLU is a terrible organization of socialsts among other things, it is good to see Obama get dressed down by even them. Mr. Obama is just someone who cannot take direction from anyone else as he thinks he knows what he is doing, but is a disaster for this nation! He has gotten way to big for his britches and how it is he is not being impeached for all of his traderous action is beyond me!!!! He and the left have just lost their minds and are taking us apart one day at a time for their own agenda and no one seems to be stopping any of them and it is maddening! When is everyone going to wake up and realize the kind of nation that America is becoming ..and that it is NOT GOOD for anyone! Things are being changed under our feet and hehind our backs at an alarming rate…he must be removed!!!! Impeach Obama!!!!

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