Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Worth repeating for emphasis: SOETORO-OBAMA was born in Mombasa, Kenya – Marine Terry R. Wiley’s report (link)

The Associated Press reports SOETORO-OBAMA born in Mombasa, Kenya (link)

Kenya investigated Obama ‘African birth’

(Robert “The Perfessor” Hefner sends us this alert!)

Leaked document shows official urged probe of possible criminal ‘tampering’

Kisombe said the Kenyan government investigation was prompted by “numerous intelligence reports that [Obama] might have been born in Mombasa at the Lady Grigg Maternity Wing of the Coast Provincial Hospital.”

WorldNetDaily link

Click on Robert Hefner’s illustration for the World Net Daily full report


  1. sirjason Says:

    Submitted by Terry R. Wiley
    Semper Fi

  2. Larry Miller Says:

    My hand is raised too!

  3. Billy Bowlegs Says:

    It is no longer a requirement that we seek or hunt Obama’s background. As recent as two weeks ago, he claimed to release a BC. It has been shown to be fake and fraudulently generated of a legal purpose.

    It is now time for the Congress to arrest OBAMA, walk him out of the Whitehouse, and swear BIDEN in.

    Biden would remain the President until such time that OBAMA can provide true information.

  4. Pattie Says:

    FRAUD is considered a HIGH CRIME which is an impeachable offense. It is also a CRIMINAL act.

  5. Konstantin Radtchenko Says:

    Many unknown heroes were between POW of World War 2. It is very pity but their names will stay unknown because the system of former Soviet Union doomed them on the unknown. It is not the secret that most of soviet war prisoners died in concentration camps of Germany and some of soviet war prisoners died after World War 2 in soviet concentration camps.
    My friend Nikolas told me in 1944 when we were inmates of Germany concentration camp Sachsenhausen and lived in barrack 54 next story that brave soviet war prisoners in one camp for soviet war prisoners decided to die but not participated in execution of Jewish people.
    Once, in the morning administration of camp forced 50-war prisoner to grave executed Jewish people that lived in the nearest villages. In the evening of the same day some officers and soldiers nearly 25-30 men organized undercover meeting and decided to escape the next participation in terrible action trying to escape from camp running on the barbed wire. The decision was next: three waves of prisoners will run on the barbed wire. First wave – 10 war prisoners, second wave 10-15 war prisoners and third wave 10 war prisoners. The distance between the waves was supposed 10-15 meters. Every of participating war prisoners could yourself choose the wave in which he will take participation. My friend Nikolas has chosen second wave.
    On the next morning all participants were prepared, the participants of first wave took blankets or military overcoats to cover barber wire. First wave started their death run to barbed wire. Reaching the barbed wire they threw the blankets and military coats and threw itself on barbed wire. The guide opened machine-gun fire. Seconds later all war prisoners from first wave were death. At this time second wave of war prisoners including my friend Nikolas started their death run to barbed wire. The guide relocated machine-gun fire on second wave. Nikolas running to barbed wire saw that left and right 3-4 friends were killed. And when second wave reached barbed wire, third wave started their run. At this moment many of prisoners understood that happened group escape and immediately took the decision to participate in the escape. The guide seeing such situation that third wave transforms in hundreds of war prisoner immediately relocated machine-gun fire on third wave. At this time five war prisoners from second wave overcame barbed wire and run in forest. Later my friend did get in concentration camp Sachsenhausen and later we met in barrack 54 where lived until end of war. The supposition of Nikolas that in this accident died more than hundred soviet war prisoners and later in the connection with this accident were executed many soviet war prisoners.
    Nikolas was soviet war prisoner, officer, and year of birth 1920-1922. The scars after smallpox illness covered his face. Other information about Nikolas I have not.
    On April 20, 1945 all inmates of concentration camp Sachsenhausen were evacuated except inmates from Soviet Union.
    At my and friends opinion we were sentenced to dead in the night. But happened incredibly – Soviet Army that by evening of April 20, 1945 reached East shore of Gogenzollern canal started at 10.00 p.m. offensive in direction of concentration camp Sachsenhausen which was located on West side of Gogenzollern canal, forcing Administration of camp evacuate us, nearly 5,000 Soviet Union inmates.
    In this night I and Nickolas lost one other for ever. Also, in this night nearly 500 Soviet Union inmates were killed because had not force to go quickly.
    But it is other story – evacuation of inmates of concentration camp Sachsenhausen that ended on May 4, 1945 in area north of Parchim because Administration of camp left us in forest saving own life.
    But, also do not forget in World War 2 were very brave men which by dangerous situation were able with bare hand to run on barbed wire and against machine-guns.

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