Dictatorship of the Judiciary: Judicial Corruption at its Worst: Michael Ellington setup for Murder Conviction in Monroe County, TN

Saturday, 4 June 2011

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(Part I)


There is no official criminal investigation report to be found filed anywhere.

“Bill Bivens and Mike Morgan never properly or objectively investigated anything.

“The investigators knew that in Monroe County, Tennessee, with Judges Ross and Reedy sitting on the bench, and with former judge R. Steve Bebb as the District Attorney General, all the detectives had to do to convict Mr. Ellington was to say to folks, ‘It’s obviously a murder.’ ” (Link)

Four previous Post & Email articles…

(Click here link: May 17, 2011) — [Editor’s Note:The report that follows depicts events as they occurred on the morning of May 16, 2011.]

On the threshold of a murder trial beginning in just hours, Prosecutor James H. Stutts argued a never-tested legal theory today that people with past federal convictions can’t legally use a firearm in self-defense against a murderous attacker.

(Click here link: May 17, 2011) — Defense Turns Michael Ellington’s Murder Trial Into an Inquisition Regarding the Corruption of Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens and His Deputies! Assistant Public Defender Jeanne Wiggins splayed Monroe County Sheriff’s Detective Travis Jones during cross-examination this afternoon on Day 1 of the Michael Ellington murder trial. Eliciting from Detective Jones one sobering revelation after the next, Attorney Wiggins deftly turned what was supposed to be a murder trial into a public inquisition and exploration of Sheriff Bill Bivens and his outlaw Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

(Click here link: May 19, 2011)— Judge Amy Armstrong Reedy watches passively while the prosecutor drops an incendiary bomb on Ellington’s defense in front of a rigged jury! An innocent man sentenced to life in prison!

(Click here link: May 24, 2011) “Thank you, Joe!” Reedy yells from the bench to the jaundiced juror, “Good to see someone is paying attention!

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