TREASON in AMERICA: Illinois’ Suzanne C. Short wrote her letter! WELL DONE Suzzane! Who’s next?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

To: Anita Alvarez,  Cook County, State of Illinois, States Attorney,

To: Lisa Madigan, Attorney General, State of Illinois (Via e-mail Form)


Criminal Complaint  Naming FBI, CIA, Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch and Department of Justice
Commission of Treason


Through many tedious months while our Government has been held captive because of the fact that Barack Hussein Obama has held the office of the presidency illegally thus, portraying as our president when in fact, he is not  eligible to hold the office of the Presidency of our great country, the United States of America. 

Through these months I have written letter upon letter pleading with our CIA, FBI, the Senate and Congress of our U.S. government  and the Department of Justice to employ the necessary means to remove Obama and all of his appointees from said positions. 

He  has shamed our country to the extent that no other person holding the office of the presidency has done….however, we all know he is not a legal president of our great country.  This explains why he has committed criminal crimes against our treasured constitution, he has displayed more and more that he represents terrorism, thus our enemy.  However, this conspiracy was not accomplished by him alone.

The accomplices now through much evidence involves many within the U.S. Senate and Congress and unfortunately, since complaints have been distributed to the FBI and the CIA with no reply, we are forced to admit that this conspiracy against our great nation involves many branches of the government. 

Below you will view a letter written to the CIA on June 16, 2011.  Also, will also view facts pertaining this conspiracy regarding many within the U.S. Senate and Congress.

Moreover, there is an article from the Canada Free Press that I hope will be of assistance to you.

[JAG HUNTER note: Suzanne’s addemdums are not included in this posting due to length. Suzanne was meticulus and exhaustive in her supporting documentation.]

My complaint, however, must entail the entire Legislative Branch, for they have avoided information and letter upon letter regarding this pinnacle of pinnacle travesties that has been committed against our country, our constitution and every American Citizen and legal Alien.  Our U.S. government through all evidence acquired is under attack by foreign powers. 

Now, it is up to our state officials to proceed according to all lawful procedures to assist every American Citizen in taking back our country.  Attorney Alvarez and Attorney General Lisa Madigan, please demonstrate your loyalty and honor to our founding fathers and please demonstrate your loyalty by upholding your oaths of office to protect and defend our Country’s Constitution regarding every situation and circumstance that one may encounter. 

Every American Citizen is honored to possess the responsibility to uphold their Constitution, however upon taking an oath of office,  one is even more honored to have pledged their allegiance formally toward their great nation. Please do not dismiss me as I have been dismissed in the passed as an individual beneath you….we are all “ONE” in unity as portraying allegiance toward our great nation. 

Please do not dismiss me as a so-called “Birther”….We Birthers are Patriots in its highest degree and form…..our objective is to fight for our country’s dignity, honor, loyalty and the protecting and defending of our constitution. Abuse and criminal offienses against our Constitution from all our elected officials, Federal, State, and City and Local must not be tolerated. 

So far, all of our elected officials have taken part in destroying our Constitution, ultimately, our great country.  Our country and our Constitution deserve the Best of the Best, nothing less will do for our country to be renewed, restored, and to prosper.  This Corruption, Fraud, and Forgery and Treason, and Terrorism must cease to exist.  Since the Judicial Branch has also committed treason by not protecting and defending our Constitution regarding the many suits filed pertaining to Obama and his ineligibility to hold the office of the presidency, and furthermore, there is also a complaint pending a decision against Obama regarding the Social Security Fraud, obtaining S.S.N. from the deceased and from a state that he never resided in, Connecticut.

I had to include with sadness a complaint against our Judicial Branch. The distraught and disgust lies in the fact, that how could anyone honestly and with patriotism serving within our government for one moment desire a person to hold the office of the presidency who is not only ineligible, but who has been involved with ACORN and other socialist and terrorist groups that have only one thing in mind, TO DESTROY THE REPUBLIC, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

This sadness that I experience every passing day for our country,  I would hope if one is a true Patriot that this sadness is being experienced also, for sadness will breathe joy, if the reasons for the sadness are resolved……These reasons for my sadness and every true patriot’s sadness must be resolved in order for our country to regain its prestige and honor and steadfastness…..this will only occur when the enemies from within and without are conquered.

I am including information from articles that hopefully will be your guides in helping you seek more information if you are needing it to pursue with the proper lawful procedures regarding these complaints.

God Bless and Help America & Israel.  “In God We Trust.”

Suzanne C. Short

Another successful mission (as will each time be celebrated using this Robert Hefner illustration)

6 Responses to “TREASON in AMERICA: Illinois’ Suzanne C. Short wrote her letter! WELL DONE Suzzane! Who’s next?”

  1. Lizzy Jane Says:

    well stated – – but socialism has no ear to listen — socialism only takes – and takes and takes — and the treasonous imposter in the People’s House only listens to muslems & terrorists and illegals

  2. moonbeam45 Says:

    Wonderful letter, Suzzane. Just as Kristy and Cheryl have done, you also have made history.

    I pray many follow in your steps. I shall forward this on to many as well. We are committed and Unafraid.

    God Bless you!

  3. luchadora Says:


  4. Lana Taylor Says:

    A couple of typos:

    Paragraph 10: “So far…Best of the Best, nothing else will due…” Due should be do.

    Paragraph 11, bottom line: “TO DESTROY THE REPUBULIC…” Should be REPUBLIC.

  5. Thank you, Suzanne, for your patriotism and the passion to put your feelings into words. You are an American Patriot.

  6. Jordan Sparks Says:

    This may be the perfect time for a Commercial Lein.

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