TREASON in AMERICA: Talkin’ part…doin’ part!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

TREASON, in the aspect whereupon THE CHARGE OF TREASON IS ALREADY IN PLACE is the forced resistance to the United States Constitution with–in OBAMA’s circumstance–the tremendous success in the implementation and operation of a rival and competing unconstitutional government.

An ACT of TREASON, as cited here, is accepted as a ACT of WAR against the United States (Citation: Whiskey Rebellion Trials of 1794).

Our Founders invested the constitutional protection regarding IMPEACHMENT only to those who are legitimate office holders.

Mr. OBAMA is an illegitimate officer holder, an impostor and an infiltrator. Mr. OBAMA is a TRAITOR!

Mr. OBAMA does not enjoy the protection found in an IMPEACHMENT process and is rather vulnerable to prosecution in federal court before a JURY of his peers…just as is the case with myself, and every other person reading this correspondence.

To IMPEACH Mr. OBAMA is to legitimize the illegitimate.

IMPEACHMENT of OBAMA gives sanction to what is outlawed!

Am I clear?

IMPEACHMENT is not an option!

Now, allow me to get to my point:

I learned in the Navy that for any given project or mission there are two parts, and only two parts.

1. A talkin’ part,
2. A doin’ part!

Each one of you can ACT by swearing out you own personal criminal complaints naming Mr. OBAMA in commission of his TREASON.

You can ACT by encouraging and causing others in your circles of influence to file their own personal criminal complaints naming Mr. OBAMA in commission of TREASON.

You can ACT by bringing this to the attention of a GRAND JURY (state or federal) sitting in your communities encouraging and causing that GRAND JURY to stand up on its own authority, reclaim its POWER OF PRESENTMENT, and then exercise their newly reclaimed power.

Or, you can ACT by doing all of these things taken together.

You can ACT, instead of talk.

The list of specific acts going to Mr. OBAMA’S operation of a government not found in our state or federal Constitutions, specific acts that are disconnected from our state and federal Constitutions, specific acts in the operation of a foreign government, that is to say, the list of Mr. OBAMA’S specific ACTS of TREASON is a very long and growing list.

You may begin to


And time is not a friend.

Am I clear?


One Response to “TREASON in AMERICA: Talkin’ part…doin’ part!”

  1. Shane Christiansen Says:

    The link is not working I am unable to get thru.

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