Regarding the Face of Treason: Former Navy SEAL Jim O’Neill and Sher Zieve

Monday, 25 July 2011

A Robert Hefner illustration

SEAL O’Neill writes: “Even though “we the people” make up a sizable portion of the country’s population, we are without a national voice. The main stream media we have in America today is almost exclusively promoting an anti-free enterprise, anti-American globalist agenda. They are chiefly treasonous propaganda outlets for the Far Left.”  LINK

Sher Zieve declares: “Obama is now siding firmly with foreign countries against the United States of America.  This is called High-treasonThese actions on the part of the US government constitute no less than its attempt to bring down the country, throw out Federalism and end the US Constitution’s protections for both the States and the citizens of our country and establish a dictatorship.  There is no other viable or logical conclusion.” LINK

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