The Face of TREASON: Let’s review!

Monday, 25 July 2011

A Robert Hefner illustration

24 September 2009: Mr. Obama sits as the president to the United Nations Security Council

19 July 2010 Mr. Obama signs out his Executive Order #13547 creating the National Ocean Council in compliance with the United Nations AGENDA -21 program.

9 June 2011 Mr. Obama sign out his Executive Order #13575 creating the White House Rural Council in compliance with the United Nations AGENDA -21 program.

10 March 2009 Mr. Obama and Army General Martin Dempsey deploy military police to replace civilian police in Sampson, Alabama and surrounding neighborhoods.

7 July 2020 2010 Mr. Obama sues Arizona State claiming “premminent authority” in writing laws regarding immigration.

In 2011 Mr. Obama’s TREASON more fully revealed:


4 Responses to “The Face of TREASON: Let’s review!”

  1. Lizzy Jane Says:

    This and more is the treasonous acts of an ILLEGAL INELIGIBLE IMPOSTER in America’s Whitehouse – – corrupting and abusing AMERICANS!

  2. Neil B. Turner Says:

    Go to for your ‘I Mean BUSINESS Card’, plus instructions on how to serve charges of Treason to the FBI.

  3. moonbeam45 Says:

    As I read this wonderful post, visions of an “elephant in the room” and a” White House of cards” dance before my eyes.
    It appears to me the toughest job of all will be to get the cuffs on the usurper. Once that is done, the people who have been masking as our elected officials will run like the wind.

    Patriots out number these fool and we must stand strong together. The time to point out the obvious about Obama is over. Our direction is to have him arrested.


  4. Billy Bowlegs Says:

    April 27, 2011 Obama commits a criminal act (Fraud on the Government with BC Release which is a sham).

    Since then:

    Permits freedom of Mexican Truckers to tear up American Roads. Background move to sundown all Unions.

    News 7/25 – FBI Find traces that Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood are undermining the U.S. Government and Education of kids.

    When does the treason stop.

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