On the subject of OBAMA’s TREASON: Mike Lermen’s letter to Nye County Nevada Sheriff Tony Demeo

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011 

Certified mail #:7008 0500 0000 5667 6569

Dear Sheriff Anthony DeMeo,

Preface: Quoting from the ‘Office of the Sheriff’ article you have posted on your web site:

The Office of Sheriff evolved of necessity. Were it not for laws which require enforcing, there would have been no necessity for the Sheriff. All times and all places have generated those who covet the property of their neighbors and who are willing to expropriate this property by any means. As such, man’s quest for equity and order gave birth to the Office of Sheriff. The County Sheriff is a peace officer entrusted with the maintenance of law and order and the preservation of domestic tranquility.


Also making note that you said, in a video I recently saw, that your dad taught you to “honor the constitution” for it is the foundation for your office and that you derive your powers from the people.

Sherriff, I am approaching you regarding a constitutional crisis that is placing our nation at the brink of civil war. You may be one of the only peace / law enforcement officers left who may be honorable enough to help defuse a rapidly escalating nightmare that puts this nation at the brink of destruction. 

The constitutional crisis of which I am speaking involves several high ranking officials in the US government who have committed Treason and other high crimes that have set our nation up to be destroyed both domestically and internationally  through economic and military actions taken by foreign powers and domestic traitors . 

These officials are currently being protected by extremely corrupt or timid judiciary, Attorney Generals and District Attorneys in all 50 states who have, so far, been able to block over 3000 lawsuits and many attempts to bring this matter before other Grand Juries in other states even to the point of retaliating by force and abuse of process against those attempting to report theses high crimes, treason and obstruction of justice.  

How does this involve you?

As the highest and possibly last honest law enforcement officer who can stop this crime wave by these domestic enemy/ criminals the injured parties are asking for your help. They need to have unobstructed access to a sitting, lawful Grand Jury so that the witnesses and injured parties may bring forth the evidence of the corruption, crimes and treason and have the protection of your office to insure their affidavits, prima facia evidence, videos, audio recordings, documents, facts, law and evidence can be viewed and heard in a court of record by a lawfully sitting grand jury without obstruction. These bad characters have unlawfully ascended to power and have kept power by force and unlawful means. US Attorneys and District Attorneys have been ordered by these corrupt power elitists to not allow this matter before a jury preventing the grand jury from examining the evidence and assessing those who need to be indicted.  Our nation needs to be protected from their plan to bring this nation down. We need to be able to use the true law of the land to prevent the criminals from executing their war plan against our precious nation. I know that this is a very big request but so much is at stake. If this matter and the testimony of witnesses does not get before a sitting grand jury we are all in jeopardy. 

if you can spare some time, I would very much like to come up to your office and have a face to face meeting and give you some more details as well as have you talk by phone to one of the witnesses/injured parties – a retired naval officer that will be presenting evidence.

Our system of law requires that the Courts be able to hear the reports of high crimes and treason and be able to act on the lawful evidence presented before them to stop the crime before the criminals can do any further harm.

My duty and the duty of the witnesses and injured parties is to open a path for a grand jury to do it’s job in protecting my fellow countrymen from the harm these domestic enemy/ criminals have planned.

The witnesses, injured parties, and my self face tremendous personal risk to bring this compliant forward and that is why I am asking for your help and protection while in your jurisdiction and when we return home because the criminals we are exposing have already shown that they will use extreme measures to silence those blowing the whistle on their corruption and plans.

If our nation is to survive, their plans have to be exposed, criminally indicted, and stopped before they reach their end game.

I can not stress enough the urgency and necessity to give us access to a sitting Grand Jury and to be able to report those who are committing these heinous criminal acts under the cover of power.

Please let me know if this meeting can be made possible, since I require a day of travel time. I can be available any time between August 6- 10.   Please let me know if you are able to give me 30 minutes of your time. That is all I ask.

Notarized /s/

Michael Lermen

A Robert Hefner illustration!


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