IN TRIBUTE: Members of SEAL TEAM SIX and those who died with them!

Monday, 8 August 2011

“Screw the ROE, screw political correctness, and screw the asinine pukes in Washington DC who painted a target on SEAL Team Six!”

“It was like a punch in the gut when I first learned of the death of more then thirty US military personnel—including over twenty SEALs—during a recent operation in Afghanistan. My prayers go out them, and to their families—may God comfort them in their grief.” (LINK)

THE NAVY HYMN – United States Naval Academy

Mens Glee Club

MANSIONS OF THE LORD – United States Military Academy Mens Glee Club

ECHO TAPS – United States Marine Corps Band

3 Responses to “IN TRIBUTE: Members of SEAL TEAM SIX and those who died with them!”

  1. TaterSalad Says:

    Subject: bin Laden movie for Barack Obama

    Hollywood is now in the first stages of bringing a movie to the American public on the killing of Osama bin Laden to counter his image problem before the 2012 election. Just how low can a person go to get re-elected? Barack…it is not going to work! Now with the deaths of 22 Navy Seals during the first week of August, Obama has no morals and is “still” going ahead with this movie……………..or will he? I’m putting money on this one that his re-election is more important than his principals and morals! How about your thoughts? What kind of people would support Obama now and what would be “their morals and character” is a good question!

  2. moonbeam45 Says:

    If the murder of our Navy Seals goes unchallenged, we are indeed lost as a Nation. My God, will anyone in the Congress or Senate hear the American People?

    Thank God for people like you, Walter, who has the courage and strength to say it like it is. You have my admiration and respect.

    God Bless you and yours

  3. Bonnie Cooper Says:

    A hearthelt tribute to the men lost it as

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