General TREASON: Secure the southern boarder by erasing it!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Merger or Sovereignty?
Arizona Must Confront Obama

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Glenn Spencer — American Patrol Report — June 30
    On May 25 I attended a conference on border management, at a cost of $1,200. It was worth it. By being there, I was able to hear first-hand, a U.S Army General tell us that the best way to secure our southern border was to erase it (LINK).

Brig. General Felderman’s speech was a stunning proposal to integrate our military with that of Mexico to fight the drug cartels and terrorism, implying that those were the only problems we face.

I have now been able to secure a copy of the slides Gen. Felderman used in his presentation. I urge everyone to listen to his speecH (LINK) while moving through his slides (LINK). (I should note that the first five minutes includes some background stuff, including how many generals wouldn’t give this speech.)

Felderman leaves no doubt that the Obama administration is working to merge the U.S. with Mexico. It leaves no doubt that securing the border with a fence is out of the question.

It is time that the State of Arizona confront the Obama administration over this issue. The best way to do this is to get a general consensus on the definition of border security. Arizona should then move to establish a means of measuring border security — setting a standard that must be met before an discussion of broader immigration reform can begin.

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