Tuesday, 9 August 2011

There’s a phrase that describes this: the trahison des clercs, the “treason of the clerks,” in which a society’s intellectual class repudiates its duties and responsibilities to the larger community in search of political gain. Without such people acting as enablers, the damage that an Obama could cause would be strictly limited. Unfortunately, this type is no rarity either. (The phrase is derived from a 1927 book by the French philosopher Julien Benda, who saw such a process occurring in France. The French clercs traîtres wound up dumping the country into the laps of the Nazis. It could be worse.) LINK

A Robert Hefner illustration!

“The Republican Party is a stool that stands on three legs: social conservatives, economic conservatives and foreign-policy conservatives.

“Yet since Ronald Reagan departed and George W. Bush arrived, that coalition has been under a growing strain that may yet pull it apart and redefine what conservatism means in 21st-century America.

“Is a free-trade globalism that saw America lose 57,000 factories and 6 million manufacturing jobs in the last decade conservatism?

“From Abraham Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt to Calvin Coolidge, that was once economic treason.” LINK

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