IT MUST BE TREASON! Judi McCleod at Canada Free Press regarding OBAMA’s TREASON!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Short link:

Click on the banner for Canada Free Press Editor Judi McLeod’s full report!

“In order to stop D.C.’s Marxist Commander in Chief in his tracks, he must be forced back to reality and told “No One is going to fundamentally transform America.”  It’s eons apart from “Dreams From My Father”.

“How did the promise to fundamentally transform America ever go unchallenged in Obama’s long narrative?

“It must be treason to want to fundamentally transform America against the wishes of the majority.

“The West, which counts on the freedom of the United States of America, needs this burning question answered: Who is Obama to come along, trash the Constitution, ridicule America from foreign shores, and put into hateful, spiteful words his insane vision for the fundamental transformation of America?” LINK

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