OBAMA’S TREASON: “OBAMA MUST BE ARRESTED, [PROSECUTED], and, ultimately executed for his treasonous acts

Monday, 22 August 2011

“Because Obama isn’t American born and has fraudulently represented his American birth for obtaining the office of POTUS, then as a foreign invader/interloper who is ineligible for impeachment under U.S. law, he must be arrested and, ultimately, executed for his treasonous acts, as well as all those who aided him, whether they are American born or not.” LINK

6 Responses to “OBAMA’S TREASON: “OBAMA MUST BE ARRESTED, [PROSECUTED], and, ultimately executed for his treasonous acts”

  1. Navy Jr Says:

    FINALLY someone else who GETS that the non-citizen usurper illegally in our White House needs to be arrested and can’t legally be impeached, since he’s NOT legally in the office! He’s committed treason against this nation in so many ways, I’ve lost count of them all! He was never even eligible to run for senate, let alone the White House and he KNEW that when he was running for senate! Impeachment would only lend the air of legitimacy to all his actions; and THAT must be avoided, because if he’s proven illegal, then they’re all simply null and void!

  2. Lana Taylor Says:

    If Obama is not a legal citizen of the U.S., how can he run for president if he has not proven that he is a citizen? He should not be allowed on the ballot in any state. Why is he going to be? Is it because he’s the current ineligible POTUS? That doesn’t hold any merit, if he is not a citizen. He has to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is eligible. He can’t.

  3. MadeinAmerica Says:

    The longer this imposter is allowed to destroy America, the angrier citizens are becoming. They want a revolution? They don’t know the wrath of an armed citizenry.

  4. Navy Jr Says:

    Because he,Pelosi, and the Democratic Party in general LIED to the states and NONE of them bothered to check his credentials beyond that lie! In short, our leadership at all levels FAILED in their duty both before and after the election of that illegal usurper, along with the MEDIA who perpetuated the lie and refused to investigate either!

  5. Eugene Says:

    Here area a few FACTS that require no more thought / discussion: 1) the sun rises in the east 2) there are 24 hours in a day 3) in baseball-three strikes and the batter is out 4) Obama is a usurper of POTUS, he uses a stolen SS# from Connect. , he is a felon who MUST be removed, tried, and hung in public ala “the olde west style justice”. This is all a given. The real challenge is where and with whom do we STOP — Pelosi -treason; Biden-treason; McCain-treason; and the list goes on for over 250 co-conspiritators. The issue is crystal clear— either we have laws and a constitution or else we do not. Me thinks “we the people” will decide that we do; thus many jobs will be created building gallows!! Fork the traitors–they will get their due!! My name is Eugene

  6. Lowell Says:

    I greatly fear that all this may very well come to an armed confrontation. God forbid that it does, but I personally know a LOT of people from all walks of life, all age brackets, all church denominations, people with no church affiliation, people who make their living in every imaginable way…….and all these people have one thing in common. They are all ready and willing and ready for that armed confrontation, or insurrection, or whatever name you choose to put on it. We the People can be made to bend, but I can’t believe that we will ever break. I pray to God that it will not be necessary, but as “MadeinAmerica” stated earlier, “They don’t know the wrath of an armed citizenry”!!!

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