OBAMA’s TREASON: “Openly committed treason in order to gain the favor of an invading army.

Monday, 22 August 2011

“The treasonous insurgent Obama has stuck another blow for his people, which should not be confused with our people, as these illegal aliens coming across our southern border are our enemies and are intent on our destruction.  Think about it.  Obama has so abused the people of the United States that he has openly committed treason in order to gain the favor of an invading army.  And the rest of our government seems to be standing mute as our law enforcement is being ordered not to enforce our laws and hence not to enforce our rights.

“Does anybody out there understand the definition of the words “invasion” and “war”?  Countries invade one another for the sole purpose of capturing wealth and resources.  That is what is happening right in front of our faces.  If the American people came out of their houses in mass today and engaged the illegal invaders we would not only be within our rights, but we would be fulfilling our responsibility.  If we do not stop this insurgency now our grandchildren will grow up in slavery, not knowing what freedom and liberty actually are.”


5 Responses to “OBAMA’s TREASON: “Openly committed treason in order to gain the favor of an invading army.”

  1. mothman777 Says:

    So you want one group of goyim to fight another group of goyim and you don’t indentify the true identity of the ‘invaders’ that Obama treasonously works for, they are certainly not Mexican. Some people even militate for Americans to attack the Chinese living in the USA, as well as the Mexicans. I know about the government plans to link Mexico, the USA and Canada into one state behind the Americans people’s backs. There is a country in the Middle East that has claimed it will gut the USA for all it’s resources (and leave it wrecked in the process). That country will burn America out by using the American military to do all it’s own dirty work of genocide, and then guess what will happen to those same useful idiots? The USA, as well as the UK and other European nations, has a parasitic government working ‘Trojan horse’ style, entirely to fulfill the aims of that country alone, and not the USA, or those other countries whom they purport to serve, and it is currently using the American military to destroy Libya and build military bases for that alien country on LIbyan soil, as well as imposing extremely harsh Taliban style medieval Islam over those people (who currently have an extremely relaxed form of Islam). At least know the true identity of the people behind the destruction of US culture. And besides that, there is still the burning issue of the genocide of the indigenous Indian people in the US and Canada, remembering the 50% death rate amongst native Indian schoolchildren up till 1970 or so, and the continuing abuse of them by sterilization programs, abuse with massive amounts of fluoride, and by using them to work in extremely hazardous uranium mines that will disable and kill them. Fight for the protection of the original Americans also, fight for the indigenous American Indians too, or else what meaning does fighting for American culture have. To see my views on the sinister intent of genocide by that alien nation, please read my blog and also see the video. http://rtr.org/blogs/25049/9663/metanoia http://rtr.org/videos/25049/29570/in-the-shadow-of-hermes
    Thankyou, mothman777

  2. ANNE Says:

    Here is a link to the REAL OBAMA, YOU WILL NEED TO TYPE THIS IN:


    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,

    the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,

    its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery…”

    — Winston Churchill

  3. john stahl Says:

    August 20, 2011

    The Tea Party Immigration Coalition
    Responds to the Obama Administration Amnesty of Illegal Aliens

    Thursday, August 18th
    the Obama Administration announced on the White House Blog that
    “Under the President’s direction…” The Department of Homeland Security would suspend
    deportation proceedings against illegal aliens and, “There are more than 10 million people who are in
    the U.S. illegally; it’s clear that we can’t deport such a large number.”

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer called the plan, “A backdoor amnesty.”

    Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), chairman of the Homeland Security Committee issue a press release
    declaring, “This new non-enforcement policy announced by the Obama Administration Thursday is a
    blatant attempt to grant amnesty to potentially millions of illegal aliens in this country.”

    “This is an amnesty for illegal aliens,” concurred John Stahl, Chairman of the Tea Party Immigration
    Coalition. “It is an amnesty and a surrender of sovereignty, as they have made it clear they don’t
    intend to deport illegal aliens.”

    A Rassmussen Telephone poll of 1,000 likely voters conducted two days before the White House
    announcement reports that voters put border control ahead of amnesty by a 2-1 margin, 61% to 31%.

    “With so many Americans opposing amnesty,” Stahl said, “One wonders if this isn’t an attempt to
    manufacture illegal alien voters for next year’s election. Or, could this amnesty be a payoff to the
    Mexican government who is understandably furious about the Department of Justice shipping
    thousands of weapons to drug cartel killers in Mexico?

    “This non-enforcement policy should be investigated by Congress who should make this their first
    priority when they return in September. Because, if this is allowed to stand, King Obama will be able
    to rule, not by law, but by decree. We are asking constitutional experts to determine if this is an
    impeachable offense. We are also calling on Tea Party members and all patriotic Americans to flood
    the offices of congress with phone calls denouncing this amnesty that will gravely harm America and

    John Stahl-PA 610-927-7034
    Michael Cutler-NY 917-868-6304
    Rick Oltman-CA 415-215-9550

  4. Navy Jr Says:

    Yet if we DO come out armed against them, our own military and police WILL be turned AGAINST us, labeling US the law breakers, just as vets are labelled domestic terrorists! Damned if we do, and damned if we don’t!

  5. tuxkabin Says:

    There are now almost 40 million aliens in America, most for the past few years are coming in from Asia, China,India,Mexico and the southern 4th world countries are only half the problem. You should get involved in the Minuteman Project with Jim Gilcrist. I have been for many years now. Houston Texas alone has over one Million illegals. You might want to understand that 40 million voters is almost one third the voting poputation in America, Obama is winning and will win if he gets this thru. This has always been the grand plan, Mexico was willing to declare war on America with Hitler, never forget the Alamo, Texas born. Know your history.
    Tuxkabin has spoken.

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