Tuesday, 23 August 2011

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Man on the street quotations:

  • Obama has committed treason. He and anyone supporting him in violation of their oath of office, should be tried as traitors.

  • Holder was appointed knowing full well anything he, Obama, did, treasonous, illegal, unconstitutional, he gets away with because everything must go through Holder, U.S. Attorney General. Holder has Obama’s back. Likewise, Obama has Holder’s back. Is that what I’m understanding??? How can there be NO REMEDY for the American People??? What ohappened to checks & balances??? How is this NOT addressed??? Has Obama even figured out a way to strip Congress of its power??? Where is the Supreme Court??? Obama has a lock or the stranglehold on ALL 3 BRANCHES??? Does he even have the lock and stranglehold on the American People??? If the American People revolt, peacefully or by revolution, Obama institutes MARTIAL LAW??? Would our own troops & every entity of our law enforcement FIRE ON THE U.S. CITIZENS??? Shoot their own mothers, fathers, siblings grandparents, their own children??? After all, the military answers to the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff, who thereby answer to Obama (I shudder to say it, Commander-In-Chief). Worst case scenario for Obama is the military breaks down, ignores the chain of command (or commanding officers or even the JCS say, “screw you, Obama), ie., ignores their orders to arrest & shoot, kill Americans, Obama still has 20-30+ million illegal aliens he can look to and “deputize.” I’m sure many would have no qualms, reservations, hesitation, conflicts or issues with “complying.” They’ll gladly kill……er ……sing for their supper. He’s given them Carte Blanche on everything else. He also has U.N. NATO forces he can call on??? I imagine we don’t have to worry about the French (jk). I’m just Spitballing here. We’re in deep shit here. WE NEED TO GET OUR ASSES IN GEAR!!! That means put down the remotes, gaming crap, the partying & boozing, quit finding avenues of escape cause you don’t want to face it, hear it or believe it. Because, when you are aware or cognizant of something, you must then take responsibility. You must do something. YOU BECOME ACCOUNTIBLE!!! When you’re too afraid, too self-absorbed, too self-centered, too stupid or ignorant to bother “checking in,” instead of tuning out, you think you’re off the hook. The reality is, it is those very people who will be the first & the loudest who will be screaming, crying, DEMANDING to be rescued!!! What will you do? WHAT WILL YOU DO??? I know for me, one of first things I did after posting the amnesty-by-decree articles on my FB wall to inform as many people as I could reach, it only took a few seconds, I crafted letters to my elected reps. Because of having a number of different addresses from my moving around the country with my job, I was able to use them to reach other elected leaders in other states. They ask for!addresses & zip codes. You stay long enough, you get into their data bases. Reached elected leaders of 6 different states. They said burn the phone lines, flood their FAX machines and email addresses. Then I go to numbersusa and got busy there. No TV, no big fun time, playtime is over. We’ve got a problem. A huge problem of cataclysmic proportions living in the “Black House.” WE NEED TO ACT—……..like……YESTERDAY!!! Oh, and BTW, don’t forget to PRAY!!! But do more than just pray. James 2:14-19. GET BUSY……..PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • He is not enacting a law, he is merely going around the law. It’s definitely a political move. If you look at our current occupier of the White House, or in his case the Black House, his public approval ratings are the lowest of any American President in history. He thinks that getting the illegals on his side he has a better chance of actually winning re-election in 2012. But, legally, he is NOT UPHOLDING the Constitution as he took an oath to do. He is guilty of treason in the least.

  • So how do we get him tried on treason charges???



  1. Navy Jr Says:

    To answer your last question, I honestly don’t know. But don’t forget his little private army {think Gestapo here, or KGB}, enacted under “Obamacare”, which has been drilling since LAST May {2010} and answers straight and only to Obama too. Whether the military would depends on which part you talk to; some of those militant Muslims in the ranks almost certainly would, given the order. Some of the mid level officers who had some education MIGHT not, but I wouldn’t depend on anyone else not doing so. It’s happened before in this nation; Civil War, and even in the Revolution; when family members fought against each other. But, the answer about the stranglehold on all 3 branches is an unequivocal yes. That’s WHY nothing has been done about his treachery and lying

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