OBAMA’S TREASON: Just a matter of time…

Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Michael Ramirez cartoon (click on image)

4 Responses to “OBAMA’S TREASON: Just a matter of time…”

  1. It is just a matter of time, teetering already, a stiff wind is coming!

  2. Tatersalad Says:

    America leads in “re-coverable fossil fuel supplies” and not what Barack Obama, a.k.a. as Harrison J. Bounel is telling us. We have over 1.324 “Trillion” recoverable barrels of oil and have 28% of the worlds coal. We my friends, are energy independent!


  3. moonbeam45 Says:

    This appears to be as close to Obama’s Waterloo as it has ever been. No thanks to our government..oh, hell no. This is due to the strong patriots who have dedicated their time and efforts to save this great country.

    God Bless all of you who are exposing this clown, Obama and the rest of the perps we have paid so gracioulsy. Game Over!


  4. ANNE Says:

    I hope this house of cards falls soon, we can’t drill, (Obama’s puppets will not give the permits), we can’t open a business,(too many regulations), we can’t buy a house, (no one will loan money). I would venture to say that Obama is re-elected we will see Civil War right here, and I don’t want to live under this Muslim Dictator.

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