TREASON IN AMERICA: “These people have tried to hide in the shadows. They don’t like being exposed.” – Michael Allison

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Appeals Court unanimously affirms right to videotape police!


Here is the contact information for Tom “Stupid man,” the Illinois State Attorney prosecuting
    Michael Allison. Call and tell State Attorney “Stupid man” your objections!
    Crawford County States Attorney Tom “Stupid man” (aka Wiseman) Crawford County Courthouse

105 Douglas St. Robinson, IL 62454

618-546-1505 Fax 618-544-4912

Help Allison from afar:

  • Share his story (this post or any related content)

    with others. Help win in the court of public opinion. The last thing

    those responsible for Allison’s harassment want is for their actions to

    become more well-known.

  • Find an attorney to take on his civil case. His

    case, if you or your lead has access to Pacer, is 11-CV-43-MJR-PMF. Did

    the judge violate Allison’s right against self-incrimination when she

    acted in an executive capacity rather than judicial?

  • Contact Tom Wiseman, Crawford Co. state attorney, and tell him to drop the five felonies he’s levied against Allison:

    Crawford County Courthouse

    105 Douglas St.

    Robinson, IL 62454

    phone: 618.546.1505

    fax: 618.544.4912


For more:

Chicago State’s Attorney Lets Bad Cops Slide, Prosecutes Citizens Who Record Them

by Radley Balko at
Valley Man Faces 75 Years In Prison For Recording Law Enforcement by Patrick Fazio at
The War on Camerasby Radley Balko at

2 Responses to “TREASON IN AMERICA: “These people have tried to hide in the shadows. They don’t like being exposed.” – Michael Allison”

  1. Fred Herndon Says:

    This also known as Fraud on the Court by the DA.

    In open court with the record open, the individual being prosecuted must object for the record because of Fraud on the Court – and give DA Full name. Judge will probably go beserk and shout contempt – also would have to name the judge as supporting Fraud on the Court — And breach of Oath of Office. Remember one thing, a Lawyer practicing in that Judge’s Court will not do that for you the client and the prosecurted.

    Be preparted to demand recusal on the grounds that the Judge cannot be JUDGE, Jury, and Executioner and a contempt charge is outside the legal authority of the Judge since he automatically recused himself for failing to document and address the Fraud on the Court and the Beach of Oath Charges. Judge must dismiss the case, or recuse himself until another Judge can be appointed or the Judge faces sanctions by the Court System.

    And if the Judge persist that you are under breach of Oath of Office, claim that the you bill at $500.00 per hour for your time, and if the judge wishes to incarcerate you for failure of the Court, you will bill the arresting authority at $500.00 per hour, asking if the Judge accepts the contract. (This puts the case in Uniform Commercial Court.) Whole new ball game.

    Remember one thing, before you do such a stupid thing, be well versed and prepared to present the information in a straightforward (non intimidated) manner. The main purpose of the Mother May I rules of the Court (procedures) is to intimmidate you.

    I personally have not tried this stunt (or had the reason to do so). I read on internet that it is possible.

  2. ANNE Says:

    I guess it is alright for our government to put GPS tracking devices on our cars so they can track us, but we can’t take pictures/video’s of them breaking the law, this whole thing smacks of the New Black Panthers intimidating voters, and Eric Holder saying that he will not prosecute them because they are his people. What the hell is happening to our country, soon we will all be under marshal law.

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