OBAMA’S TREASON: NH State Representative Harry Accornero names OBAMA in commission of TREASON!

Monday, 12 September 2011


4 Responses to “OBAMA’S TREASON: NH State Representative Harry Accornero names OBAMA in commission of TREASON!”

  1. luchadora41 Says:

    Yes! Thank you, Representative Harry Accornero! Nicely done, Sir.

  2. Tony N Says:

    If Obama can control the Military Loyalty away from the oath of Constitutional authority with the bribery and threat of attrition then all fraud and corruption can be concealed by the End of a Gun , and Liberty is then nothing but a memory . And covering up this Fraud will be enforced by the End of a Gun Barrel too ….
    E-Verify says Obama not eligible for employment in the United States


    Matt Taibbi: “Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhENEMS_GuE&feature=player_embedded MOODY’S ANALYST BREAKS SILENCE: Says Ratings Agency Rotten To Core With Conflicts

    Wall Street Pentagon Papers Part III – Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Still Too Big To Comprehend?


    More on how the GAO’s phony Fed audit failed to disclose some dirty secrets about BlackRock and JP Morgan


    Camp FEMA: American Lockdown – FULL MOVIE – 86 min

    in this video they comment about that Link you post on Army Regulation 210-35 , and Allan Combs denies it exists but Alex Jones and another gal proves him wrong as did you 1 Great American with the Link .
    go to the 38:57 elapsed time in this video to watch the segment on Army Regulations 210-35 http://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/pdf/R210_35.PDF

    This is why I think you are going to have to work at this from the state level to stop the Out of Control Federal Government with their ideology of earth reaching its Human carrying capacity thats driving them to consolidate the free Market capital system into the federal Government all in the name of saving the earth from profiteering as they see this economic system as a threat and seek to DE develop it as this CZAR says . http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/75388


    Read what Goldwater institute says I think they have a Plan and the Oath Keepers together might be the winning Combo

    From the Goldwater Institute…

    by Nick Dranias

    Goldwater Institute Policy Report
    June 1, 2011
    Federalism DIY: 10 Ways for States to Check and Balance Washington

  3. Tony N Says:

    The Taking of American Independence , and with it Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the HAPPY Days of FREEDOM

    As the Tea party debates Constitutionality the Loss of Private Enterprise in a healthy Free Market economy as well as Private Energy Production and resource control in the USA is taking place and that will leave the Constitution helpless as The collusion of Private Enterprise and Energy Operations is going on as these articles would suggest .
    Where is the MSM in all these stories so truth can come to light ?
    Doing away with Private property rights like energy , and then make the military loyal to a Central Government instead of the Rights and Liberties of the US Constitution and that link to Life and liberty of , by, and for We the People , is what this story is telling us is going on .

    The Kremlin is reporting that the world’s largest corporation , American-based Exxon Mobil, has signed a deal with Russia allowing it to flee the United States in exchange for trading its vast oil and gas reserves in Texas and the Gulf of Mexico and gaining for itself exclusive drilling rights in the vast untapped regions of the Russian Arctic.

    The reason behind this shocking move by Exxon Mobil, these reports say, was their being “double crossed” by President Obama, who along with his NATO allies, who launched an unprovoked war against Libya to gain control over their vast oil, gas and water resources , are in the process of stripping both Russia and China from all of their Libyan oil leases and are now in the process of giving them to Western oil giants , http://moneymorning.com/2011/08/30/western-oil-majors-will-get-first-crack-at-libyan-oil-production/ , instead.
    The main beneficiary of these Western oil giants to gain access to the massive oil and gas reserves stolen from the Libyan people is British Petroleum (BP) who Russian intelligence sources are reporting paid the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) over $5 Billion to transfer over 1,500 battle-hardened Afghanistan rebel mercenaries,

    http://nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online/Politics/31-Aug-2011/CIA-recruits-1500-from-MazareSharif-to-fight-in-Libya , to overthrow the Gadhafi regime led by British and French Special Forces , http://www.presstv.com/detail/196546.html , in a war that has cost, so far, an estimated 50,000 lives , http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4115836,00.html .

    Obama’s “loyalty” to BP over Exxon Mobile, these reports state, is based on that British oil giant’s donation of millions of dollars to him and his party, and as we can read as confirmed by the Politico News Service:
    “While the BP oil geyser pumps millions of gallons of petroleum into the Gulf of Mexico, President Barack Obama and members of Congress may have to answer for the millions in campaign contributions they’ve taken from the oil and gas giant over the years.

    BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.”

    So enraged was Putin over the treachery of Obama that within hours of the signing of this historic agreement between Exxon Mobile and Russia he ordered Russian Special Forces to raid the BP headquarters located in Moscow, and as we can further read, in part, as reported by the Australian News Service:

    “BP’s troubled relationship with Russia sank to a new low yesterday after special forces raided its Moscow office and its partners in a joint venture escalated their campaign against the company.

    The raid came a day after BP suffered the humiliation of being usurped by ExxonMobil in a landmark alliance with the Kremlin-controlled Rosneft, a deal that BP had claimed as its own.”

    To Exxon Mobil’s greatest fear in fleeing the US for Russia, these reports continue, is Obama’s planned nationalization of all oil and gas industries in the United States said planned for the middle of 2012 when unprecedented chaos is expected to hit America as their economy nears total collapse.

    The Deputy Head of Iran’s Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri having reviewed Russian intelligence reports on Obama’s planned moves against his own people further described the deployment of US forces in cities as “military rule,” which basically aims at a quick crackdown on political unrest in the country under a “threadbare” pretext of preventing terror attacks in the US.

    Exxon Mobil is also reported to have become further “alarmed” this past week after the Obama regime for the first time in American history used foreign laws to further collapse the United States economy.

    The particular case cited by Exxon Mobil in these reports was when Obama police forces closed down two musical instrument plants in Tennessee for using “illegal” wood from India. The only problem, of course, was the wood was, in fact, totally legal, and as we can read: “(The government) has suggested that the use of wood from India that is not finished by Indian workers is illegal, not because of US law, but because it is the justice department’s interpretation of a law in India,” Henry Juszkiewicz, Gibson’s CEO said.” , http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-08-27/us/29935908_1_wood-henry-juszkiewicz-indian-workers

    To how totally corrupt the Obama regime has become that Exxon Mobile fears so much one need look no further than last weeks article in Rolling Stone titled “Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal” that gives shocking details into how Americas elite classes, aided as always by their propaganda media, are preparing, once again, to steal from these people trillions of dollars; and as we can, in part, read: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/obama-goes-all-out-for-dirty-banker-deal-20110824

    “A power play is underway in the foreclosure arena, according to the New York Times.

    On the one side is Eric Schneiderman, the New York Attorney General, who is conducting his own investigation into the era of securitizations – the practice of chopping up assets like mortgages and converting them into saleable securities – that led up to the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

    On the other side is the Obama administration, the banks, and all the other state attorneys general.

    This second camp has cooked up a deal that would allow the banks to walk away with just a seriously discounted fine from a generation of fraud that led to millions of people losing their homes.

    The idea behind this federally-guided “settlement” is to concentrate and centralize all the legal exposure accrued by this generation of grotesque banker corruption in one place, put one single price tag on it that everyone can live with, and then stuff the details into a titanium canister before shooting it into deep space.”

    The ironies of this US oil giant founded by the American oil magnate and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) fleeing to Russia in order to protect itself against a communistic government takeover are too many to mention, but, and unfortunately, will be completely lost upon the people of that once great country who by all evidence simply don’t care anymore what happens to them as the Means to sustain Freedom are being consolidated away from their Constitutional CREED and that makes the meaning of Liberty and Justice for ALL nothing but a Memory .

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