THE SMOKING GUN! Monroe County Chief Court Clerk Admits Grand Jury Foreman Gary Pettway of 27 Years Illegitimate

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

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Click on pix: Gary Pettway (left) under Citizen’s Arrest – The first Thursday of April 2010!

A chief clerk in Monroe County, TN has admitted, and The Post & Email can now confirm, that there has been no duly-appointed grand jury foreman in Monroe County, TN for at least the last 27 years.


16 September 2011 Martha Cook Response to Public Records Request (LINK)

14 Responses to “THE SMOKING GUN! Monroe County Chief Court Clerk Admits Grand Jury Foreman Gary Pettway of 27 Years Illegitimate”

  1. moonbeam45 Says:

    Job well done, Walter!!

    God Bless you for all your diligence and hard work.

  2. Pattie Says:

    The lawsuits will bankrupt Monroe County. GOOD!

  3. bill Says:

    Now the question is “How many innocent victims have gone to jail
    and how many are still in jail because of this outrage by this bogus
    judicial system and criminal judges ? Great job ! Walt !!!

  4. Joe Mayer Says:

    Outstanding! On one side it is great to see truth come through, on the other side, we have more ligitimate proof of the corruption at all levels of government and how hard we will have to fight to get justice in an out of control government. Too many officials at all levels have been setting themselves up for things to go their way at any cost, while corruption runs rampant, they keep their pay checks coming. It’s time to start running the rats out of the cheesbins around the country and return America to the people that deserve it. Put the selfserving bums and jezebels that are stealing the childrens future and the quality of the senior citizens later years in jail, firing squads, hanging, stoning, etc., whatever it takes. Also, we need to establish citizen groups that can monitor, inspect and have direct lines to upper officials in each state and the Federal to report corruption at all levels AND have immediate action taken to investigate the misprision accross the board, which would also include the Military Command Racketeers that can operate behind closed doors without ever reporting wrong or violations. Junior Officers should be allowed protection for reporting violations without reprisal.
    What has happened to Walt and all the other Officers that risked all to stand up for the Constitution and the truth should never have happened in the first place if the system was working properly. How much proof does it take? It is obvious that aside from most veterans and a small part of the civilian population that unless it happens to THEM, you will get the same answer, “It’s not my problem.” Can most people say that in their daily job with conscience or a military person in the performance of their duty? Usually, no. Walt and others have been ignored by the press and the media since it is convenient to do so, not get involved, spin other junk news that makes money and offers no real danger or threat to their jobs. We have elevated news jocks to movie star status, paid them 5,6, and 7 figure salaries and they will pretty much do anything to keep those jobs, even ignore an illegal president, military Officers with guts and outstanding records, a Republican Commissioner’s murder and real story, the skys the limit!? Greed, apathy and pretense seem to be the mainstay to the majority of the social order, mostly people without conscience, duty to their country or fellow man can go for a lifetime of selfish aggression and plunder till they end up on the rocks and having incurred incredible collateral damage to everyone around them and like spoiled children, no one to disipline them until they have failed are beaten or shot. History continues to repeat itself with stupid, selfserving people that are like flies that won’t go away. I hope we can get the large can of bug spray out soon and jam the sprayer down till the can is empty. All these morons seemed to have gained momentum in the early 1980’s after VIetnam was over and the anything goes crowd started to feel like they were wanted. Well, they are not wanted and they need to crawl back into their holes with the rest of the roaches and other bugs. We have dumbed down America so far that one has to ask the question (and forget about everything else), “Where is the intellect in America?” We always have a million excuses for what is wrong but we usually don’t see anyone trying to do anything to fix it. Walt and the others have all been blamed for trying to fix it. Why do they have to pay this price in any way when they have already proven themselves and what type of MEN and WARRIORS that they are to defend our country and what the Constitution stands for? Because they are not cowards and they have been willing to stand up just as they were called on to do their duty on active dury, we see the contrast of the real behind the curtains of cowards who have been hiding there all their lives to cheat, steal and lie AND be rewarded for doing so! When will we stop rewarding thieves, liars, murderers, political and civil criminals that are sucking salaries, retirement, and the life blood out of the citizens, the country, the military for a lousy corrupted career of ripping off the taxpayers, and cheating all that pay for their worthless existence

  5. Joe Mayer Says:

    I have lived in the “South” most of my life. Where are all the “good people” of Tennessee that should be “standing up” for what is going on? Where are all the “officials” that should be investigating wrong doing and misprision and corruption? I guess a “paycheck” overrides duty, swearing in of “officials”, honor, protecting the citizens, job performance, integrity and teamwork to “do the right thing”. I have known lawyers that wouldn’t kill their own mothers for a “hundred bucks” but if you show most lawyers cash money, they get sweaty and nervous like many other “public officials”, news media people, anywhere where money is easy, corruption abounds. A little secret here, a little one there and whoopie!, we’ve just made some cash! It’s ok if we lied a little, covered up some things, maybe changed some stories or you know, told a few lies! Look what I’ve got now! It’s OK to steal, cheat or lie! I’ve gotten something else! Looks just like any story out of the Bible or any history book and stupid people, enough to perform the same play over and over again. Are we all stupid? You have to wonder how long can we keep repeating the same insanity over and over and get rewarding them for it! Apparently many people keep doing it again and again and few people seem to want to stand up for it to stop. If these morons want attention, I guess they will eventually get it but not in the way they intended. THEY need to be out of those jobs and let people that DESERVE the jobs take them. The entitlement and self appointed genius types are old story and need to be ousted. We need to clean house accross the board, the odors are really becoming overwhelming. They stink like a pile of manure a mile high. Laws need to be changed to get these creeps straight in jail and keep them there. America is being destroyed as we know and people are allowing it to happen before your eyes. We know now what it was like to live in Rome at the height of it’s downfall. This is a message to all public, federal, civil and military officials. The silent majority will no longer tolerate the corruption that your fathers enjoyed and lived only to pass it on to you. You will find total opposition and angy dislike for everything you do, say or try to live in your duty if you do not serve the people in a manner that is according to the Constitution and for the better of the people of America. We will find ways to dislodge you from power, your job, your lifestyle and what you exist for by many means or vote to remove your evil from the pay roster. You will find it difficult to be rewarded by corruption, lies, deceiving, selfserving and misprision, obfuscation and dereliction of duty and job performance that is now rampant in the American system. You have disgraced the people, the elderly, the Military, the children, veterans and America. You have looked the other way and allowed Muslims Terrorists to establish 35 training camps here, break down the morals of America, steal the coffers of Social Security, paid out billions without our permission to other countries, you have gutted the bowels of America as an army of cowards and liars that would steal from their own mothers. You will pay a price and before my generation is gone, we will see you pay that price. You have disgraced the souls of all the veterans and warriors, retired citizens and good people that are or were God fearing. Sodom and Gomora have come and gone but you will pay a price far greater. You can laugh now, but you will find your reward coming. What is worse than a coward, thief, liar, murderer? Someone that gets paid to do that, over and over. Beware, as your “jobs will become more scarce as will your value to society.” Obama’s time clock is ticking, as with those that have worshiped him, so will they experience what he really is.

  6. tuxkabin Says:

    Yes very well said Joe. Well done Walt old friend. They are all no good anymore, I have tried for 27yrs now to get this kind of trash out of office. One thing about trash if you throw it in to the air, it will always end up in the same corner of the fence, just not hard to find thesedays.Man what a long road ahead. The post Email has done a great job as well.

  7. ANNE Says:

    How in the hell do things like this happen? Where is the oversight here, isn’t anyone looking at what is happening to out judicial system?

  8. MacPUBLIUS Says:

    Ben Franklin said it best…”a republic if you can keep it.” We simply weren’t paying attention and we were all lolled into a false sense of security during our lifetimes. We all share in the responsibility for this. The question now is can we get it back? I sure hope so…but then again, hope is not a strategy. In a way it may be a blessing that a usurper took control of our nation in a bloodless coup. Because of him we are awake now and we know the truth. We know our enemy and they know their days are numbered. Get involved and do what you can. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

  9. Hass Says:

    This goes right to the top where that Muslim in Chief made sure this would happen with a little hep from Munroe County.

    Walt mate,
    I don’t know how these very same people that put you there can sleep at night knowing full well people like you protected the very country and government they live and work for.

    • Joe Mayer Says:

      Not only is LTCDR Fitzpatrick a retired Naval Officer, he is an Experienced and Qualified Naval Officer and a Distinguished Naval Academy Graduate. It is unfortunate that all these people tried to inhibit LTCDR Fitzpatrick with their corruption, obfuscation, failure to perform their sworn duty, relentless coverups, murder of a Republican Commissioner, failure to admit a Criminal Presentment on corrupted Government Officials and investigate the charges, dereliction of duty as “Public Trustees”, illegally imprisoned a retired U.S. Naval Officer multuple times with illegal excessive force and used cruel and unusual punishment, illegally confiscated all his belongings, caused cruel and unusual financial hardship by taking orders from an illegal POTUS/chain of command, abandoned a retired Naval Officer in performing his sworn duty to protect the Constitution and the country he served, defamation of his career/character/finances, portraying him as a “criminal element” for standing up against a corrupted Democrat administration. These poor examples of human failure, lack of loyalty to the law of the U.S. in complete failure to perform their proper duty and in loyalty to themselves and serving themselves have abandoned their posts as “Public Trustees” in a failed “Trust Law” system that is overflowing with contempt of the law/misprision of felony/obfuscation/greed/ignorance of the written law/flagrant disobeyance of every creed of a “Public Trustee” or Law Enforcement Officer and murder of a fellow “Public Trustee” Republican Commissioner Jim Miller in a disgusting violent death/ a “Judicial” that is obfuscating procedure to keep positions and paychecks. The civilian, Federal and Military lack of involvement proves beyond any doubt the breadth of corruption, posturing and criminal coverups that have destroyed the nation called America. You will see this Memorial Day May 28, 2012 nearly 1 million Veterans strong only on bikes at Washington DC, mostly Vietnam Veterans, paying tribute to Veterans, alive or deceased. Wouldn’t a large screen video of LTCDR Fitzpatrick’s recent welcoming committee and experience in MONROE COUNTY be a welcome site to allow all Veterans to see how they really feel about VETERANS in MONROE COUNTY, TENNESSEE on MEMORIAL DAY? Maybe we should stage a 950,000 biker presence in MONROE COUNTY for about a week to remind MONROE COUNTY that they are PART of the large area called AMERICA and that the “LAW SYSTEM” there is “NOT SOVERIGN” there just because it is in MONROE COUNTY, TENNESSEE. The last time we checked, Tennessee, MONROE COUNTY and all the other areas there were still a part of the United States Of America, though certain people there seem to think they are very special there also and maybe deserve special alleviation from any such rules or laws of the U.S. and all its jurisdictions. It would be very interesting to see how truth would play out if about 1 million trained Veterans showed up in ole’ MONROE COUNTY to meet some of the friendly “Public Trustees” that LTCDR Fitzpatrick met trying to do his sworn duty. Do you think all the same friendly people would show up to arrest them and put them in that 50 degree cell? How about if all those Veterans showed up armed and we reversed the situation just a little? Do you think all the other “Officials” would want to kill their own or even begin a confrontation to get to the “bottom” of all this? What they’ve done to Walt, they did to all Veterans. They will pay for what they have done.

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