TREASON OBAMA: Dr., Pastor James David Manning’s WARNING! Get back to the CONSTITUTION!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

5 Responses to “TREASON OBAMA: Dr., Pastor James David Manning’s WARNING! Get back to the CONSTITUTION!”

  1. richard wagener Says:

    Obama and Eric Holder need to be impeached NOW! The rest of the Dems and RINOs need to be defeated in 2012!

  2. moonbeam45 Says:

    WOW.. Pastor Manning sure brought out the truth in a way no one can ignore. God Bless him! He is so right.

  3. I agree on everything Rev. Manning is saying in this clip and think he is one true American hero (Thanks Mr. Manning for your bravery. There should be a Home of the Brave Medal given out to true patriots, true Americans who go beyond their duty as a citizen for America preservation, and you should be given one by a true patriot not by a traitor. This is a good idea and I share it with you as you are a very popular person. Don’t forget the Land of the Free Medal also. LFM and HBM medals should be given to people like you, like Orly Taitz, Philip Berg, Tancredo, Joseph Farah, Jim Corsi and others like him. Those people who avoid tyranny issues like Rush, Hannity, o’reilly, msm do not deserve the time of day.). The next leader of America SHOULD be one that WILL revert solely to the Constitution, punish and execute all traitors and restore the goodness of our nation. Traitors belong to a large group of un-American people in this situation, such as msm, all of congress (past and present), past 4 or 5 administrations, scotus, most judges (seems like there is not any judge that is a patriot and do what is right), muslims (send them packing, especially fairycan), state officials, secret organizations, hollywood, dollywood, people who voted twice or more, czars, general, admirals, gays, illegal’s and ANYONE who cannot pledge allegiance to the flag under God or assilimulate to America ONLY. SEND THEM ALL PACKING OR DANGLING. The shadow government operating under our very noses for several decades now, has made sure America’s many problems are plentiful and therefore not able to cope with them and will help them to bring her down. WWII was a necessary and horrible war to fight which was created by hitler and his goons just as the usob is doing. After this, modern America’s growing pains became normal, natural problems which the country was able to handle and life in America was simple and most people went to work and was content. Civil rights was the most important problem for America to deal with at the time and America was finally was coming to grips with that problem and now it seems that in 2008 elections the black people have taken out a vengeance on white America because they are now in power, setting back this problem further into the abyss. People are supposed to be kind, and respectful to one another and abide by the Golden Rule but few do and they don’t seem to have any ethics whatsoever. It seems man can think of the most heinous things to do one another but that’s another story, even though it relates to this subject in many ways. The shadow government, NWO crowd, has made sure that America’s problems escalate beyond her capabilities, financially, physically, defensibly, ethically, morally and mentally. We now are threatened in so many ways that the only way for TRUE Americans to unite or to accomplish self preservation is to first and of utmost importance; regain our hold on the Lord Jesus Christ, then abide by the Constitution under which American rule of law is permanently maintained, adhered to as was once blessed by God. America has done everything to kick God out and now must try to remember the rule of law through whatever means necessary. I wish the scumbag fake president would just resign and someone lead our nation toward God even if it means finding a lot of people guilty of treason and lets get on with the restoring America. Give the traitors a choice, if they do not care for America, love America as their nation, stop calling evil good and stop their lies, defend America and its laws and constitution, then they can go live in another country or else. Complacency has brought America to defeat without a shot being fired, as spoken of by one of them commie russians a long time ago. It’s going to take some tough decision making by true Americans on how to reclaim America, once and for all, for “WE THE PEOPLE.” Some people make lists of thing they must do or things they need to remember in case they go crazy. Well, America has gone crazy and the constitution is supposed to be our list. They call evil good and good evil. They call men with men good, how outrageous! What comes to mind is Sodom and Gomorrah and God telling us the last days will be like the days of Lot and Noah and He would send a strong delusion for men to believes lies. God is telling us the end times are here and the lies we see are numerous and liberals are loving it and have no shame about telling lies. Look how they treat Sarah Palin, it’s so awful. The disciples were killed and decapitated, yet they stood with Jesus through the end. Defend yourselves and trust and obey God. Goes for me also.

  4. navyjr Says:

    He’s right. We HAVE to get back to our Constitution and the rule of LAW in this nation; and get the traitorous usurping SPY out of our White House!

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