TREASON OBAMA! Another Veteran-Robert C. Laity-Talkin’ TREASON at The POST & EMAIL!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

America is Being Attacked From Within!

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It is only a matter of time. Obama will be brought to Justice and history WILL record Obama as a fraud and a criminal. There is NO “President” named Obama and there is NO room for the accommodation of a usurper to remain in office. The misprisioners of felony and of fraud, including Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, who have allowed Obama to continue in Office should be ashamed. Very ashamed. They should also be arrested along with Obama and prosecuted for treason under 18 USC, Part 1, Chapter 115, Sec. 2381. Obama said today that “Dictators are on notice.”


11 Responses to “TREASON OBAMA! Another Veteran-Robert C. Laity-Talkin’ TREASON at The POST & EMAIL!”

  1. ANNE Says:

    I for the life of me can’t figure out why not one person in congress has not file treason against Obama. I believe if anyone of them would do this it would go a lot further than when we private citizens file these charges. Example: The suit filled in Tennessee, the judge has deemed it has no standing, what ever that mean. But then the person that is the grand jury foreman, has held that position for 27 years, which is clearly against the law.

    • Standing is having an interest in an issue that entitkes you to sue in court. Being an American,under our Constitution “We the People” have an interest in preserving our Republic from Traitors. “We the People” have a right to “Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances”. That means that all Americans gave Standing on the issue of a fraud in the White House.,a traitor. This is OUR home and it has been invaded.

  2. Anne Marengo Says:

    Americans why are u still letting this ilegal stay in office!!!the world knows what he is so does the democrats republicans and the supreme coart! we are on our own so dont depend on this government to the right thing for its citizens they are vote whores!and they dont give a rodents rump for our constitution so dont just sit there with your fingers up your nose do somthing to save your country its your derrier on the line also.

  3. Boss Hogg Says:

    I’m all for destroying your country. I’m a white liberal who plans to vote numerous times for Obama. I want to see this country destroyed and Obama is doing a good job at it!

    Go to hell America..BURN BURN BURN

  4. Robert C. Laity Says:

    I have filed a Ballot Access Challenge against Obama in NY State. I ask that you do the same in your respective State. We MUST defend America from tyranny. It is OUR SACRED DUTY.

  5. Obama has given aid and comfort to our enemies. In addition,as one who is NOT authorized to be in any place in which ,during time of war,the conduct of the war is engaged in,is a SPY under the Iniformed Code of Military Justice.

    \See 18 USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381
    Also see:

  6. robertlaity Says:

    Obama BC,Selective Service reords are forgeries. Obama has never gone to Columbia. Those who seek to expose him are ending up dead.Records of Plane arrivals into Hawaii from August 1,1961 to August 7,1961 ae MISSING from the National archives. Obama CAN’T be trusted. Obama is a criminal deviant and a Traitor.

  7. Why are Candidates with questionable eligibility issues relating to their status as Natural Born Americans,being proferred by BOTH parties? Why do both Parties insist on doing so? For one,both Obama and Romney are New World Order advocates. What better way to disenfranchise the American vote than to have foreigners takeover?

    Rubio’s parents were Cubam Born
    Romney’s Father was born in Mexico
    McCain was born in Panama
    Obama’s Father was a Brit
    Jindahl is Out.
    Santorumm has issues. Were HIS parents Naturalized before he wads born?

    The definition of a “Natural Born American” is “One Born IN the USA of Parents who are BOTH Americans”-
    See Minor c. Happersett,USSCt.

    Then we have Clarebce Thomas stating tto Congress that they “Are Evading the issue” which resulted in a response by Congressman Serrano and others in the room of RAUCUS laughter.

    That is deplorable. This Memorial day,THINK of all the lives lost and the blood shed to fight for our freedon. “Freedom isn’t free”.We MUST NOT stand by and watch traitors destroy America.

    We have a duty to Preserve our Reublic for “Posterity”.,even if that means giving up our very lives.

  8. LAITY v NY has reached the United States Supreme Court and is Docketed at #13-875. This lawsuit seeks the invalidation of the NY Presidential ballots for 2008 and 2012 and the removal of Barack Obama from office on the grounds that he has usurped the Presidency ,by fraud, during time of war and is therefore a Spy under the UCMJ at S906,Art,106.

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