Sunday, 26 August 2012

Vets Being Round Up Nationwide, People Everywhere Just Disappearing

VIDEO (click here)

“Last Thursday, decorated former US Marine Brandon Raub, who served two tour of duties in Iraq and Afghanistan, was detained by the FBI and local authorities for posting controversial anti-government political comments on the social media site Facebook. “Although 26 year-old Brandon Raub was forcefully detained against his will for his political views he was not charged with any criminal misconduct a hallmark of the NAZI gestapo which used the tactic of indefinite psychiatric detention to crush political dissent.”

Reported at: Alexander Higgins Blog…


Thanks to Mike and Ron for the vector!


  1. TaterSalad Says:

    Will this author be prosecuted or not by the Obama administration? They dismissed charges against the New Black Panthers and voting suppression but will they for a movie they don’t like?


  2. Well, I don’t have my bags packed, because I don’t intend to go with them if they come for me.

    But there are plenty of people who know me and will notice my absence if I disappear. They also know that there is always the possibility that Obama’ s thugs just may start a “Day of the Long Knives” against Veterans like myself who are outspoken and excersise their 1st Amendment “RIGHTS” under the Constitution.

    Anything is possible under the current tyranny that exists in America. “We hope for the best, but we also expect the worst”. That is the way of the” WARRIOR”, it always has been and always will be.

    But I won’t go easily. You can rest assured there will be more of them ” physically challenged” at the end of the day, than “this old War Horse” !!!!

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