OBAMA’S TREASON: The Facts That Are Undeniable

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Robert Hefner illustration

The Facts That Are Undeniable

by: Conservative Patriot Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr. (link)
We currently have a President that has been so busy raising funds for his reelection campaign that he has no time for the duties of the Office he holds at the present time.
He, Obama, has no time to conduct security meetings, no time for meeting with dignitaries from nations who are our Allies, and certainly no time to meet with Congress.
We have a President who refuses to adhere to the Laws enacted by past Presidents or by our Forefathers themselves.
We have a President that refuses to accept responsibility for anything he has done and is willing to lie and distort the truths about anything has managed to accomplish in the past 3 years and 9 months.
We have a President who lays blame on a past President, earthquakes, hurricanes, international occurrences, forest fires, floods or anything imaginable for his abject failures.
We have a President that does not preside, one that cannot negotiate with others of another Political Party, lies about nay and everything to make himself look like he knows what he is doing, and will not own up to his weaknesses.
We have a President who is willing to spread false rumors about anyone that dares oppose him and will say and do anything to gain reelection.
We have a President that is willing to bankrupt our National Treasury to give money to non-producers in order to keep their support.
We have a President who has appointed men and women to high offices who are willing to lie, cheat, steal or anything that leads to them keeping there positions no matter what the consequences are to the populace of this great nation.
Now for the question…Are YOU willing to realize the facts of this writing to be true and GET THIS MAN OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE?
We have a President with people in the media willing to deny each and every fact set forth as they smile and SPIN the truth , but a just like their idol…BALD FACED LIARS!

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