Pay attention, this is real and very serious!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

1. Obama Is A Major National Security Problem For America…
2. Islamists Drag Dead Body Of US Ambassdor Through The Streets Of Benghazi (Updated)…Another Photo!
3. Cairo Crisis – Obama You Built This…Update – US Ambassador Killed
4. Far Worse Is Yet To Come…Sadly, Every Concern About This Man Calling Himself Obama Has Proven True: Wall St. Insider
5. US Ambassador, 3 Others Killed In Libya During Riots Over Mohammed Film
6. U.N. Mum On Deaths Of Americans – Secretary General, General Assembly Remain Quiet About Muslim Terror
7. America Under Attack: Pictures Of Assault On US Consulate In Libya
8. Where Were The Marines (In Libya)?
9. We Have A ‘President’ That Campaigns Not Presides! – Exclusive: No Record Of Intel Briefing For Obama Week Before Embassy Attacks
10. Does This Visual Show Barack Obama’s True Plans For America? Total Economic Collapse.
11. Obama DOJ Attempting To Alter Fast & Furious Investigation Report
12. Romney’s Statements On Libya Attacks

One Response to “Pay attention, this is real and very serious!”

  1. larrym Says:

    PATRIOTS of America~
    We are at DEATH~CON#2

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