Counselor Van Irion: America’s Web Radio program announcement!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

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Listen Up – We’re on the RadioSharon,
Liberty Legal Foundation is proud to announce the launch of a new radio show:Politics and Religion with Van Irion. Politics & Religion will air every Thursday morning at 10 A.M. on America’s Web Radio. You can listen live or download past shows at Last Thursday’s pilot show is posted, so you canListen Online Now.
On the show I talk about the Constitution, history, the corruption of our courts, and what can be done to save America. I also answer questions e-mailed to LLF and read your comments. Please visit our web site at to add a comment or ask a question and then tune in the for the answer.
I hope to educate and entertain while discussing the most important issues of the day.
For Liberty,
Van Irion, FounderLiberty Legal Foundation

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The Persecution of Walter Fitzpatrick

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SIDE BAR$22,800. That’s what the DNC’s attorneys are claiming it cost them to filed one motion in federal court.You already know that the federal court in Memphis has sanctioned Van Irion for filing LLF’s Obama eligibility challenge. The court ordered the DNC to determine how much it cost to file their motion to dismiss. Now the DNC has answered that question and is asking the federal court to fine Van $22,800. This amount is absurd, but then, the entire situation is absurd.
Last week LLF filed an appeal with the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals asking that court to reverse the district court’s sanctions. If the 6th Circuit Court follows well-established precedent on this matter, it will reverse the district court’s ruling. However, if any federal courts were following precedent or enforcing the law we wouldn’t have had to file our eligibility challenge in the first place.So, we need your help to continue this fight.
If you appreciate Liberty Legal Foundation fighting to restore our Constitutional Republic, please help us fight this injustice. We need your help now, more than ever. Please donate today.

3 Responses to “Counselor Van Irion: America’s Web Radio program announcement!”

  1. Alicia Fitzpatrick Says:

    Posted this AND your YouTube video again on your page and mine. I’ll listen to the archive Thursday.

    Lisa Fitzpatrick Fairbanks, Alaska


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  3. Thanks for finally writing about >Counselor Van Irion: Americas Web Radio program announcement!
    | The JAG HUNTER © <Liked it!

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