New video footage of Darren Huff’s “felony stop” on New Hwy. 68 in Sweetwater, TN on Tuesday morning 20 April 2010

Monday, 17 September 2012

Carl Swensson sent this video in tonight:

“I send this in the hopes it is not too big. It reflects the last couple of minutes before Darren departed and you’ll notice they knew who I was, sitting in my car at the Burger King video taping the whole thing. The one just prior to this is 100 meg and is the only other Dash cam with audio on it.. Other than a few minutes of the actual stop posted below…”




The footage above comes from the dashboard camera from one of the law enforcement vehicles that pulled Darren Huff over in a felony stop on Tuesday morning 20 April 2010. The audio was controlled by law enforcement officers (LEOs). When the sound goes off it’s because it was turned off by the LEOs.

There’s an additional 40 minutes or so of the dashboard camera footage. None of it with sound. All of it showing men walking around.

It’s been previously reported that Darren was pulled over on the off ramp to Hwy. 68. This evening Carl reports that Darren had actually left the Interstate, negotiated the off ramp turning right onto New Hwy. 68 whereupon the felony stop was effected.

The FBI affidavit (link) reports on the footage above that the man with Darren is Michael William Desilva. I’m told by other sources the man’s name is Michael Fulmer. I’m still trying to track this down. Any body who can assist in identifying the passenger and put me in touch with him is asked to contact me via email:

This is the first time this video is publicly available.

5 Responses to “New video footage of Darren Huff’s “felony stop” on New Hwy. 68 in Sweetwater, TN on Tuesday morning 20 April 2010”

  1. Doyle Pritchard Says:

    So THAT was what all the fuss was about? I often wonderered what got Huff all riled up…thanks, Walt.

  2. Vernon Clayson Says:

    How about some clue on what this was about?

  3. This was about Darren exercising his right to keep and bear arms when traveling to a hearing for Walter Fitzpatrick. He was visited the night before by the Georgia Bureau of investigation who were informed by (allegedly) a bank teller and her manager that he would be traveling to Madisonville, TN armed. In Madisonville there was a strong FBI, TBI, Trooper and SWAT presence along with helicopter surveillance in anticipation of the takeover of the courts by armed intruders.
    This was, of course a figment of the legal imagination but it didn’t stop them from spending (my guess) $.5 million to prevent such an action by a whopping 20 people who showed up. The only only one armed, to my knowledge, was Darren and he was traveling with his conceal carry permit which TN recognizes. He was arrested a week later in Knoxville, trying to find a Sheriff who would assist Walt with his arrest warrants.
    It is my opinion that since they spent so much on protection of the Court that someone was going to have to pay for it by being arrested and they chose Darren, an honorable God fearing, peace loving man just trying to assist in getting justice for Walt. While at one of Darren’s hearings, they even arrested me and later dropped the charges.

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