OBAMA’S TREASON: The man responsible for prosecuting Darren Huff gives keynote address at the opening of Chattanooga’s Islamic Center

Thursday, 20 September 2012

William C. Killian – Obama’s U.S. Attorney General for Tennessee’s Eastern District

“It is an honor to be here and speak to you.

“It is heartwarming to see such diversity on the celebration of the opening of this beautiful Islamic Center of Chattanooga. You are, as you should be, proud of this accomplishment. You and the City of Chattanooga are examples of how this process should work. Throughout this city, county, State and nation all will be able to see how government operates under our Constitution and laws when all Americans treat each other as equals.

“Our Muslim and Arab-American outreach program thrives on such events as these and the participation of various people. I met Bassam Issa through my friend Zia Kabiri, who I have known for 35 years. He and Sam were roommates at UTC. It is a small world indeed.”




5 Responses to “OBAMA’S TREASON: The man responsible for prosecuting Darren Huff gives keynote address at the opening of Chattanooga’s Islamic Center”

  1. Vernon Clayson Says:

    This simpleton must realize he can speak freely to them in this country but in an Islamic nation he could very well end up like our Libyan ambassador. They want to be here but they sure don’t want Americans there, I think this simpleton should go walk among them in Benghazi.

  2. Alicia Fitzpatrick Says:

    Hell, he led the trojan horse through the gate! They’re setting up a compound there. Might want to check out Dome, Inc. This is an international contractor that builds domes to withstand disasters and is used primarily for large storage. Yup. They built that there mosque.

  3. Donovan Says:

    The real winners are thoughs that have Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Like it or not this nation was built by Jesus Christ, He is the Head of the Government. Those that abuse the system will reap extreme punishment.The time is at hand . the devil knows the time is short. The apostacy begins. What vice will we be caught in when the messiah returns.When the leaders diss Jesus Christ and the strangers (progressives) get their way, disaster looms on the horizon. We the people of the Lord Jesus Christ need to stay strong and be alert.We need to persevere through this time. When the Lord Jesus Christ returns I want to be doing what is right, totally free of worldly issues! How about you? Christ Bless You!

  4. Zeb Blanchard Says:

    So much “Americanism” has succumbed to spin . . Hayek’s progressives, Patriots, conservatives, sovereign citizens, etc. and DIVERSITY. Our very founding was based on assimilation, not diversity. But now “diversity is our strength”! The Boy Scouts of America teach it. Diversity and multiculturalism are part and parcel of the downfall of America as we knew it.
    And here is a prominent member of the US DOJ bragging it up!
    A thorough White House cleaning is needed in November.

  5. Jeramy Says:

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