For those paying attention to the Darren Huff case…

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Thanks to Pat Shannon the links below are repaired. Click on the image below for the WBIR video

The image above was captured in a screen shot today from a WBIR television newscast (NBC’s Knoxville affiliate) that aired on the evening of 15 May 2012 (4 months ago).

I believe that for the first time we have photo evidence that at least eleven (11) law enforcement agency vehicles pulled Darren over for trumped, up minor traffic violations.

Darren was not ticketed for anything!

Tennessee Highway Patrolmen Michael Wilson and Kelly Smith pulled Darren over on Tuesday, 20 April 2010 while enroute to Madisonville, Tennessee.

FBI Mark A. Van Balen said in his sworn statement the Tennessee troopers lit Darren up using the bogus excuses that Darren had run a stop sign, that he’d been following another vehicle too closely, and that there was an issue with Darren’s vehicle registration.

Now look at this picture again! 11 cruisers and SUV’s, some marked, some unmarked from goodness knows what federal and state agencies.



The links below are repaired…

Link to the FBI agent Van Balen’s statement (click here)

WBIR VIDEO link (click here)

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