Friday, 28 September 2012

Executive Order 13603 — National Defense Resources Preparedness (link)

5 Responses to “OBAMA’S TREASON: EXECUTIVE ORDER 13603!”

  1. Gunny Says:

    Anyone that doesn’t believe what is happening is to blame and will suffer the the consequinces, Obanmaites are ther worst enemy our country has ever had..bar none

  2. larrym Says:

    “HE Who Hesitates, IS Already LOST!!
    “The Game IS AFOOT!!
    “DISCARD the Impossible, what remains is Probable or Possible!!”

  3. Isaac Reiff Says:

    It is clear to me that Obama is on Saudi Arabia’s payroll. His job is to tear us down economically and as a military power. Once complete, the Saudi’s with their vast wealth will buy up all the strategic energy, mineral and food producing regions in this country. We, the idiots will knuckle under to their way of life and become their slave workforce, if we want to survive. If this sounds conspiratorial, perhaps one should consider all of Obama’s actions to date. He has all but removed our constitution and is operating as a dictator, not the president that was elected to serve and protect….

  4. Ruthie McCain Says:

    Please do not worry about that which you cannot control. Worry is negative thinking, which brings about more negativity. WE, the ONE, can and will regain control of our country through Positive Thought. It works. It HAS been working. Let Fate take care of obama and his kind. What should happen WILL. Peace.

  5. Reading some of the document. I especially like where it reads,

    UNDER EMERGENCY AND NON EMERGENCY CONDITIONS.Communism in the US is alive and well.

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