OBAMA’s TREASON: Running a con using Veterans as props!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

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But when it comes to campaign time, these folks make Bernie Madoff look like a saint! There is quite literally nothing they won’t try to retain power. Obama cares so much about our soldiers that his insane Rules of Engagement have gotten more soldiers killed in the last four years of wind-down in Afghanistan than all eight years of Bush’s wind-up and peak operations combined.

Obama cares so much about the military that Mitt Romney is forced to sue just to protect the military vote. Yet Obama pretends to be a friend to the military and their families. Hogwash!


2 Responses to “OBAMA’s TREASON: Running a con using Veterans as props!”

  1. The first time the issue of “Overseas Military Ballots” not being
    counted was back during the Bush/Gore elections. At that time there was such a big “OUTRAGE” from the American people, all the Politicos jumped on the “Outrage Protest” and claimed they would propose legislation to prevent any such denial of basic Constitutional Rights to our Servicemen and women who are putting their lives in danger for us, and deserve more than any, tro have their “RIGHTS PROTECTED”. Fast forward to 2012 and apparently (as usual) there were some loop holes included in the Legislation that is making it possible for some Military personel from Wisconsin tobbe denied their “Right to Vote”.
    It is well known that a good portion of the Military Vote is Conservative, therefore it is correct to assume that Conservative leaning Party Organizations would have no reason to discourage the military vote which leaves the Democrats to be responsible for such nefarious skullduggery.
    It would be a just effort upon the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to issue an immediate” Presidential Directive” (which he often does for far lesser reasons) that will make every vote of every overseas military individual VALID, no matter how long it takes to be counted. Following this action, Congress should immediately take action to tighten the Law to prevent this issue from ever happening again.

    • Tom Conoley Says:

      State voting problems are created by state laws and policies, so if it’s happening in Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his cronies are responsible for it.

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