A sharp salute to former Navy SEAL Jim O’Neill!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

I am beyond tired of seeing people act as if liberals actually deserve respect. They do not. Perhaps once upon a time they did, but if so, that time is long gone. Now all I see are arrogant, duplicitous frauds herding together like sheep while bleating about what wonderful individualists they are. They mock and belittle personal responsibility and merit, while embracing failed economics, failed ideologies, and failed ideas. They think nothing of betraying America by promoting one world government, and are convinced that they are oh so much better than you – unless you are one of “them,” of course. I am so over putting up with their immature nonsense. (LINK)

I used to feel that Washington DC needed to be razed; then the ground plowed and salted – but if Romney should win the election I now feel that placing a big tent over the city and fumigating it may be enough. If we rid the city of the traitors, louses, and various parasites that now infest it (i.e. the politicians who feed off of “we the people,” and the lobbyists and other vermin who feed off of them in turn – the parasite’s parasites, as it were) then it is possible that DC may be salvaged yet. (LINK)

“The old media (paleo-press) are indeed scrambling to spin Obama’s disastrous performance during the first Presidential Debate into something that doesn’t resemble a fiasco. After having thrown all pretense of being non-partisan to the winds during Obama’s reign, they now feel obligated to defend the indefensible.” (LINK) 

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