Field McConnell to Obama Poodle Backass Jon Kerry Blackwood – Rescind

Monday, 4 August 2014

2 Responses to “Field McConnell to Obama Poodle Backass Jon Kerry Blackwood – Rescind”

  1. Mike Travis Says:

    Commander, I am outraged that criminals purporting to be judges, law enforcement, and other so-called “representatives” of the People can get away with such behavior. I pray you will be exonerated, while I do what I can to bring your case to the attention of someone in a highly public media or elected position. You are a true Patriot Sir. /s/

  2. James caps Says:

    How do I expose a corrupt sheriffs dept? Unwarranted arrests,drug dealing and manufacturing.threats of violence.sexual misconduct. Raids and illegal search and seizure.theft of citizens medication for personal use.planting evidence.i had to move 300 miles away and sneak in the county the night before court. I fear for my family’s safety even 300 miles away. The police department had a raid of 42 ppl. Right before election. Impossible bonds arrested or harassed every time I cross the county line. It has become a Nazi type place to live. Even if charges get dropped they know you are stuck with a 25,000 bond and court cost for a simple charge. Too much to type.perry county TN.

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