Friday, 26 May 2017



One Response to “THE RIGHT RESPONSE…”

  1. Mike Travis Says:

    It’s a good step but it does not go nearly far enough. What must happen is all muslimes must be deported from our countries without exception, then all muslimes banned from entering at all. The ideology they follow is the problem which NO ONE will admit as they all claim to be at war with terrorism, which is a tactic, or “radical” islam which does not exist.

    The problem is that islam is a perverse ideology intent on enslaving the world or murdering those who refuse to submit. Until that ideology is totally eradicated, there will always be muslimes who will follow its commands to rape, murder, and enslave. Therefore, it MUST be eradicated which cannot happen until lying, treasonous politicians and clergy admit the fact that islam is not compatible with civilization, but is an existential, perpetual threat to freedom.

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