Wednesday, 31 May 2017


  1. m lermen Says:

    Cdr Walt  radical islam is America’s Strong # 2 threat , America’s #1 threat is the NWO shadow government dictatorship and their secret society black operations and mega false non profit corporations that fund and give aid and confort to this vicious enemy in my opinion they are worse than the nazis . It supports corruption on a mass scale in our courts, our media and in the rico municipal corporate for profit businesses at each level of our imposter de facto governments ,local ,state and national.   I would love to sit down with you one day and give you an intelligence briefing that would blow your mind , no theory just facts of the real conspiracy supported by hard evidence about what we discovered about how deep the fraud goes and the tools they are using to coup dah tah our government.  What you experienced is the tip of the ice berg , you are now aware our nation is being attacked by a ruthless enemy from within who have sold out our beloved america , who has embedded themselves in every county state and district in this nation. If trump wants to truly fix this nation he has to be fully informed by people like you and myself and others who I would recommend what the real scope of threat is and how to deal with it through wise council. My hope is that in the next couple of months I can make that briefing possible .   I am working on a series of intel briefing papers  so if the opportunity arises I will be ready to give that briefing .   I will share with you shortly what I have learned and what I propose is needed to counter it before it totally destroys what is left of our nation.  I am Thankful to God For you. You have kept true allegiance, faith and the Honor of our american republic and the code of honor for a naval officer  protecting our nation from horrific domestic enemies.  Thanks walt I will work hard to ensure that your sacrifice is not in vain and will be remembered by future generations a thousand years from now  you are a man of honor and i am honored to know you sir.  

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