Friday, 19 January 2018

Sheriff’s Departments from all over East Tennessee comprised elements, or rather were “law enforcement partners,” in Robert Mueller’s April 2010 FBI invention of a domestic terrorist episode known as “The Madisonville Hoax.”
This FBI “extremist militia group” never existed. Never.
The group was Mueller’s invention. 
No state or federal official from any involved law enforcement agency can populate this FBI fiction with a single name. Not one!
No person can populate Mueller’s invented extremist militia group. Mueller created the existence of this terrorist group out of thin air.
The sworn affidavit and audio podcast are fraudulent. Van Balen’s statement is perjured.
All proven.
Mueller’s FBI invents, then describes, in their combined 2010 sworn statement and 2012 podcast, an “extremist militia group” that never existed. 
From Mueller’s make-believe extremist the FBI, working with OBAMA, Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and local Tennessee law enforcement “partners,” spawned a proven, fictional, invented domestic terrorist assault

and “MINORITY REPORT” thought crime arrest:
Mueller is fully and criminally accountable in all of this. As are all of Mueller’s outlaw gang of criminal assistants to include many county sheriff’s departments.
No one can populate the FBI’s group of ghosts called out in the two attachments.
Mueller’s FBI invented the group and the event.
There exists, right now, enough evidence to take down Obama, Holder, Napolitano and Mueller due to their treasonous administration of government stemming from 2010 events in East Tennessee.
Right now.
I have it all.
Enough to take down Mueller as the first domino.
Formal, sworn criminal complaints are filed naming Robert Mueller in commission of extant federal felony offenses regarding Mueller’s treasonous administration of government spawned by Mueller’s FBI April 2010 “Madisonville Hoax.”
Mueller is one of several senior federal employees engaged as principal, extant criminal actors working hand-to-glove with Mueller.
FBI audio and sworn statements against self-interest proving Mueller’s serious criminal transgressions are attached. And much more is available. For the moment, this is enough.
My command of this information is why I keep getting locked up.
On Friday, 4 March 2011, I personally reported to FBI Special Agent James E. Bentley, III, the July 2010 government murder, “hit” of Mr. Jim Miller who witnessed The Madisonville Hoax from different vantage points and who was in a position and willing to come forward with an official, public exposé report. I returned to the FBI Knoxville fortress headquarters on Thursday, 10 March 2011, at the request of FBI Special Agent Mike Harrell to interview with Harrell, Andy Corbitt and J.C. Parrott, members of the FBI’s East Tennessee Joint Terrorism Task Force. I repeated my report narrating the government murder of Jim Miller in July 2010.
Jim Miller was an eyes and ears witness to Robert Mueller’s Madisonville Hoax invention. And so am I. And so are others.
Jim Miller knew first hand Robert Mueller’s “extremist militia group” never existed, never showed up in Madisonville, Tennessee in April 2010.
Jim Miller’s murder is presently under investigation as a “cold case.” Law enforcement officials are still covering up  government work product respecting information about the Miller murder.
I’m on a Warpath!


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