Tuesday, 3 July 2018

One Response to “I STAND FOR THE FLAG!”

  1. prevere Says:

    Dear Walter,

    In my mind you changed the mindset of the Patriot movement from problem reporting to resolving. That makes you one of the first Resolutionary soldiers in America. When you used the lawful tools we have to do your Citizen’s arrest for what appeared to be a local perversion of the law, the unintended consequence was the birth of a movement aimed at expanding the knowledge of this group that now understands how far up the chain of command this criminal corruption of the law goes and has resulted in a sharpening of the focus necessary to finish what you started.
    By throwing your body across the barbed wire barricades erected to protect the now rogue court system you rightly expected an Army of “Rule of Law” Patriots would use the path made to restore sanity and reason back into the courts.
    This note is to inform you that our common quest continues and each day brings us closer to the resolution you defined.
    What you didn’t know then, we do know now. The solution has not changed although the State having the greatest chance for successful implementation has.
    Peaceful, lawful attempts to complete the task have been mostly exhausted. What remains is the altered mindset of those who will not abandon this fight.
    What you needed then, I need now as the resolution nears its final phase.
    Research has now conclusively proven Tennessee and most other States are not the best geographical choice for this battle.
    At present and after years of this research it has been determined that Georgia holds the highest chance for success.
    My friend (Former Judge and Police Chief) Paul Nally and I are at the point and have openly put on notice former Military Oath KEEPERS well versed in hand to hand combat to assist us by committing to take lawful action they will be trained to use if need be.
    The potential for this action to go sideways is our job to prevent. To that end this will be a gun free event (Remember the April 20 show of Police State force?).
    We are in the process of calling all former Military as the need for a minimum of 50 and hopefully 100 comes on board.
    Assuming attendance isn’t going to cut it so between now and the day this event transpires we’ll be doing conference calls (secure) to begin the training necessary. To that end, the very first of these calls will be between the three of us at which time you can see what we have, what we propose and how this is being planned.
    This message will be duplicated and sent via Email today. We do not solicit your physical presence since you’ve already paid a heavy price but would value your thoughts and opinions in this lead up to resolution.
    Distribution channels for this info will be limited for obvious reasons.

    Carl Swensson

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