PATRICK HOWLEY BLP EXCLUSIVE: Mueller Is Being Criminally Investigated And Jerome Corsi Knew About The Case

Monday, 26 November 2018

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2 Responses to “PATRICK HOWLEY BLP EXCLUSIVE: Mueller Is Being Criminally Investigated And Jerome Corsi Knew About The Case”

  1. Joseph Mayer Says:

    Great news! Now, we need to see the other three Veterans that were also illegally denied their rights and imprisoned by DNC thugs as whistle blowers also. Their names are WOOD, a Cisco Level 5 computer Army man who died of a heart attack after being fired and having his security clearance pulled after he stood up to Obama and the DNC. He lived in Tampa, Florida and was being represented by Atty. Orly Taitz from California. Also, HARRY BUTLER Navy SEAL and ATP pilot who was flying Senators, Congressman and other officials at the time Obama was a Senator whose passport was reviewed by Harry who reported something wrong to Senators, Congressman and Military Officials about Obama’s passport. Two weeks later Federal Agents were knocking on Harry Butler’s parents home questioning where Harry was. The parents said he was out flying. When Harry came home, his parents said that Federal Agents told them he needed to go to a Medical Clinic and that he had a serious medical condition. I good faith, Harry went to the clinic that the agents specified. When he entered the building, 11 people jumped him, stuck a needle in him to knock him out and put ankle bracelets and chains on him. He woke up and was taken to three different prisons over a year on the east coast until he was released. Also, Army 2nd LT. BENNETT who was a forensic finance expert for the U.S. Army, was given the task to find all the financial donors and money trails that were funding the Taliban and ISIS. He wrote to high level Senators, Congressmen and Military officials to report his findings. He was sent to USSOCOM at MacDill Air Force base and shortly after was arrested by base Security, interrogated for 8 hours and was released. Then, about two weeks later while in down town Tampa, he was arrested again but by civilian police that interrogated him for 8 hours again then released. Shortly after he was released again and taken to prison where he met other people that had knowledge of what Bennett knew, such as Snowden who was a whistle blower from the NSA whose life was threatened and to shut up by the Obama DNC. Bennett discovered that 24,000 Swiss Bank accounts were being funded and distributed to ISIS and the Taliban. Also, Lt. Col. LAKIN Air Force Flight Surgeon. He stood up against Obama and was thrown in Levenworth Prison, destroying his Military Career and life. Treason, Misprision Of Felony, Murder, Perjury, Theft Of Trillions of taxpayer’s money, Election Fraud, Falsifying Eligibility of POTUS by Biden and Pelosi on the 2008 DNC vetting papers as Eligible.
    By Indonesian Constitutional Law, Obama had to become a citizen of Indonesia to attend Jakarta’s Muslim Boy Prep School as an adopted child of Soetoro. Soetoro was also friends with Jakarta and had Muslim interests in mind. When Obama’s mother, Elizabeth Ann Newman who had an affair with Malcolm X in New York, who was a domestic terrorist with the Bill Ayers gang The Weather Underground as Ann Duke but her real name was Elizabeth Ann Newman from the Bronx. After her pregnancy and Farakhan killed Malcolm X, Elizabeth was shuffled off to Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, where, after having baby Obama, she changed her name on the COB from Elizabeth Ann Newman to Stanley Ann Dunham to throw off the posse. She was Bill Ayers right hand bomber in The Weather Underground and was on the FBI Most Wanted List for several years for bombing The Washington Navy Yard Computer Building and The Pentagon. She was sent to Federal Prison but was illegally released from prison at the same time that Bill Ayers wife Bernadette Dorn was illegally released by Eric Holder who was also a Muslim and was a gun felon in Columbia Law School, when he pulled a gun in the ROTC student lounge and demanded that the school change the name of the lounge to The Malcolm X Lounge but was never prosecuted as it probably was expunged since Holder was a Muslim and Black and a white hater. Holder put a level 1 judge in a level 3 judge’s position that was on vacation to sign the papers to release both of them and they walked out of prison. Two weeks later, Bernadette Dorn, wife to Bill Ayers and former member of The Charlie Manson Murder Gang, walked out of the prison with Obama’s mother/domestic terrorist, Elizabeth Ann Newman and was made An Honorary Professor at a University! After Obama was returned home to Hawaii, finishing his 8 years of Muslim Training in Indonesia, the DNC had a problem to deal with as Obama was now a “Dual Citizen” and not eligible for POTUS. He was Natural Born as both his parents were U.S. Citizens and that he was out of the country and out of wedlock, he was still Natural Born. After young Obama left High School in Hawaii, Joe Biden got young Obama in the CIA to work as a Farsi Interpreter with Bin Laden to cover up the Dual Citizen status of Obama from 1981 to 1984. At the end of 1984, Obama was sent to the U.S. to apply for a Foreign Student Scholarship which the Bill Ayers Chicago DNC family and a wealthy Arab Sheik from CAIR paid for Obama to attend Harvard. Pelosi and Biden falsified Obama’s eligibility to 50 states in 2008 for POTUS. Benghazi, Extortion 17 and the DELIBERATE murder of Ambassador Stevens was all done to cover up Hillary’s run for POTUS. So, still no Discovery or arrests. The DNC hatred for Veterans, Police and Conservatives is out of control.

  2. Joseph Mayer Says:

    Correction, there were six Veterans total, that were illegally attacked and imprisoned as Whistle Blowers by the Obama Administration and DNC Operatives. Other Veterans were threatened or had their Military Records taken by agencies while Obama was in power. I was one of them and they took my records when I was at work and my wife was home dying from cancer. She was afraid to tell me what they did and I found out from relatives after she passed away. Donald Trump received a package of much of the work that was done and research by American Grand Jury Online that investigated Obama and served Criminal Presentments around the country. There were 300 members and after serving and nothing happened, we knew that the agencies had been infiltrated by Obama’s moles and the system was being broken up at all levels. It only got deeper from there and it has been getting worse until Trump gained power to attempt to oust the Coup by the faux POTUS who was standing who used many aliases, Barry Soetoro/Barry Soebarka/Barrack Obama/Barry Owens/Barrack Hussein Obama/Barrack Obama II/Barry Malik Shabazz/Barry Shabazz/Barrack Obama. His papers were set up by Joe Biden through a POTUS loophole at Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm in Seattle at a cost to taxpayer of over $5 million dollars to keep faux POTUS Obama’s papers hidden from the public.

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