Thursday, 29 August 2019

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  1. m lermen Says:

    Walt great interview  .You have hit the heart of the corruption we the people have lost our Grand jury oversite of the legal system . by corrupt judges and evil prosecutors . This is why I am active in reforming the Grand jury system to be fiercely independent outside the control of the Judges , and DA’s protected by private security/the militia  if necessary.   What the judges are doing is hard core  treason and sedition and they know it and  it is incredibly evil and we need to stop this crap at this point of control . The constitution and the declaration of independence give us the lawful authority to correct this evil or remove it .  As a former naval officer you were operating within your lawful duty to stop this treason i also as a formal naval enlisted petty officer  also have that lawful duty that does not expire when discharged .  Our nation is war and at tremendous Threat of military take over by the Globalist communist who have been in operation since 1913 when they subverted our nation an installed the Rothschild plan through it’s secret society members to control our nation by first bait and switching our operating currency money system with one they fabricate and control so they can pay their minions who they stuck into various positions of power to gain operational control over all the resources and courts and politicians  of our nation under the metro 1313 a 100 year plan now reaching its endgame  to eventual implement their totalitarian order and eliminate the last vestiges of our constitutional republic. Their plan has taken a little longer but they are well down the road into it’s implementation .    China , Russia , Japan and Germany and england were also targets of their plan and they have had big successes in each of these to some degree more or less . They are learning and monitoring what works best to use in their final push that is why over 140 thousand nazi scientist and techs were secretly  brought here  under the Ghalen /allen Dulles  plan after world wwII to implement what was the best tools learned from the Nazi experiment.    Our nation is under occupation Commander by a domestic enemy that is well organized and well funded working day and nigh to pillage and loot us until they make conquest complete . Not my imagination I have hard core proof that they are treasonous imposters so deeply embedded  running our government that it doesnt matter who happens to get lucky enough to get voted in by a majority they will still overrule them by threats , duress , and coercion or by overt and covert means . That is why Trump has an impossible Job trying to fix this . He is surrounded by deeply embeded ruthless Criminals who have granted them selves absolute power and immunity  they are called the SES , senior executive service and trump cant fire them or they will launch WWIII. Only we the people properly conviened in a Grand jury ie  nuremberg style consitutional oversite commission tribunal can put an end to this bad ass treason. Tenn is not the only problem they have set up shop in all 50 and the possessions. I know what will fix it but it is hard medicine and will be very costly and not without tremendous life safety risk .   

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