Saturday, 18 April 2020

“Every jury has a leader

and the verdict belongs to him [her]”

                         – Author and attorney John Grisham

                    The Runaway Jury (June 1996)

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 3.14.23 AM

Professional Juror / Professional Jury Foreman: TWO-TIMING TOMEKA HART! (photo by ChurchHealth)

Tennessee is the land were the law goes to die. Tennessee is the Mother of the tailor-made, weaponized criminal court jury. 

Taken together with all that is known regarding the Tennessee criminal court judges’ grand jury foreman racket, and additional evidence of recycling jurors into state trials, and Tomeka Hart’s biography respecting her Tennessee roots, coming from Shelby County no less, Tomeka Hart’s record of jury service begs some questions.

Roaming about the Internet produced a 19 September 2007 news piece revealing Tomeka Hart, “a prominent Memphian” who was randomly selected into the federal grand jury sitting in Memphis (Shelby County) starting in July 2007.

A federal district court judge, working in Memphis, appointed Hart to the grand jury foremanship position.  Hart’s tour of duty as grand jury foreman ran for 18-months ending in December 2008.

Hart is a trained attorney holding a 2002 University of Memphis law degree. She developed and nurtured a high public and political profile. Hart unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Steve Cohen for his 9th congressional district seat in 2012. Hart resided in Memphis until at least 2015. She moved with her family to Washington DC sometime after that.

In November 2019, as a D.C. area resident, Hart was randomly selected again for federal jury duty a second time! And for a second time Hart was selected and performed as the jury foreman!

Hart was assigned to the Washington DC jury for the Roger Stone trial whereupon Hart’s fellow federal jury members picked Hart as their jury foreman by secret ballot.

In a second report which was discovered (and apparently since stricken from the Internet), Tomeka Hart is quoted expounding on her history of jury service. Hart exclaims “it’s (Roger Stone) jury day” and then she relates her experience having served on three prior juries. Hart concludes by declaring she hopes to be called upon a fourth time (and she was).

In this, Hart reveals she served on two (2) other juries in addition to the federal grand jury in Memphis (2007-2008). More than likely this aggravated jury duty occurred in Shelby County Tennessee. Court records will tell the tale, or Hart can self-proclaim, or both.

Turning attention now to Robert “Bob” Swan Mueller III…

Bob Mueller and Mueller’s henchmen team brought the federal charges targeting Roger Stone and were responsible for the unnecessary “show-of-force” morning raid of Mr. Stone’s private home.

Mueller and team were driven by hatred and derision of President Trump and of anyone who supported the president. In this they were almost as driven in their motives as by their motives of self-aggrandizement and self-preservation.

In April 2010 it was uncovered that Robert Mueller and Mueller’s FBI gang stood behind, endorsed and nurtured Tennessee’s grand jury and jury rigging racketeering scheme.

The racket: State criminal court judges hand-picking the foremen into county grand juries.

Mueller knew the U.S. Supreme Court had condemned this racketeer influenced criminal organization of judges in SCOTUS rulings handed down in 1979, and again in 1984.

Mueller and Mueller’s rogue FBI would have none of the SCOTUS edicts.

A preliminary court hearing was scheduled for Tuesday morning, 20 April 2010. Discovery of Tennessee’s unconstitutionally assembled grand juries caught the attention of folks nationwide. Many drove from out-of-state to Madisonville, Tennessee to attend the hearing as court-watchers.

To put down individuals who had traveled long distances to Madisonville, Mueller and Mueller’s FBI staged a manufactured domestic terrorism episode.

Mueller’s “emergency” law enforcement deployment was an impressive, unforgettable display of force.

Panicked that word would spread that Tennessee had real criminals posing as impostor state judges, Mueller worked hand-to-glove with Tennessee authorities and a group of democrat operatives (here and here) to put down citizen unrest with tyrannical government force.

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 7.46.18 PM

State and federal judicial and law enforcement folks were as frantic to stop cold any perceived and feared public exposure consequent insider knowledge that federal jury system is infected in the same manner. Take for example:

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 10.45.22 AM

Mueller, in knowing approval of and in concert with Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano, declared people who were in Madisonville, TN on 20 April 2010 to attend the state court proceeding as armed “domestic terrorists” engaged in “civil disorder.”

None of those who were in attendance and prospective “court-watchers” were allowed into the courtroom. None of them were armed with a weapon by any description. This episode in our history is known as “The Madisonville Hoax.” (more here and here).”

Muller’s domestic terrorists are pictured below:

MUELLER'S DOMESTIC TERRORISTS | 2020-03-01 at 9.05.05 AM

Even the children were unarmed! Author of this article pictured 7th from the left, white baseball cap and striped coat! (photo by Mark Boring)

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 8.30.17 AM


The shot above was taken by a local newsman. The capture below is “slide 33” from the domestic terrorist training program co-produced by Tennessee law enforcement people and FBI agents/employees. (The entire slide presentation is here).

Ten days later, on 30 April 2010,  Mueller’s FBI arrested a Navy veteran based on an arrest warrant secured by the perjured FBI special agent affidavit (.pdf MARK VAN BALEN STATEMENT) affirming the Navy man was at the courthouse depicted above, assembled with at least twelve (12) other men. FBI agents swore this “baker’s dozen” of men were armed with guns intending to carry out “civil disobedience” by way of inflicting serious harm on people and property.

Repeating for emphasis: The affidavit was perjured!

On 20 April 2010, the Navy man Mueller arrested 10-days later was two-tenths a mile away from the courthouse location shown above on, having breakfast and coffee with friends and associates. Consequent this fact, the Navy vet does not appear in either of the two pictured. Neither do any of the other “twelve-angry armed men,” who are phantom ghosts the product of Mueller’s imagination and creation. Twelve (12) specters who FBI agents swore were assembled with the Navy veteran.

The arrest of this Navy man was the arrest of Howard Marks in modern day.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department, reliant upon Mueller’s FBI, successfully brought the Navy man to federal trial in Knoxville, TN.

Making effective use of the FBI’s perjured affidavit, perjured witnesses and trial testimony (here), and a complicit public defender, a wrongful conviction was secured. The crooked federal judge in this case was Thomas A. Varlan.

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 12.37.00 PM

After a day’s deliberation the trial jury reported it was hung whereupon Varlan rejected their report. Varlan sent them back to the jury room ensuring an impossible conviction.

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 5.47.56 PM


The Navy vet ended unlawfully incarcerated in federal prison of 3 1/2 years for having breakfast with friend and associates.

Robert Mueller and Mueller’s leftist FBI were cloaked behind the scenes as a supporting force to Holder and Varlan all the way!

We return now from our Madisonville Hoax diversion to the present day conduct of Amy Berman Jackson in staging the “Kafka” trial of Roger Stone.

Tameka Hart slipped by reporting the Roger Stone federal jury was the fourth (4th) jury Hart had populated in her life. Four juries in the 31-years since Hart turned 18 when first eligible for jury service (Hart is 49-years old today).

Two federal system juries in eleven (11) years: First in 2007-2008 (Tennessee), then again in 2019 (Washington, DC). Hart served as the jury foreman in both. 

It is an incredible happening Hart was randomly selected in a decade into two regionally separated and distinct federal judicial district juries. Never mind Hart represents the Stone trial as her fourth (4th) appearance at the rodeo.

It’s simply unnatural!

Hart and Amy Berman Jackson want us to swallow four random selections into a jury setting in three decades.

As a judge Amy Berman Jackson is duty bound to recognize and accept that the world works largely at random. Coincidence is to be expected but each coincidence, each one of them, must always be mistrusted. 

In the mathematics of probability and statistics, the science and study of random selection, the occurrence of four random selections of the same person from a large population is astronomical. It is fantastical. It can be reasonably argued it is impossible. Certainly unbelievable! 

When called for jury duty one of the qualifying questions asked by the presiding judge is whether the individual has served on a jury before. The potential juror may be disqualified in the event the most recent jury term was in the past few years (actual disqualifying time period depends on the court).

Note well: The judge must ask this question. The potential juror must answer.

Ignore the astonishing mathematical probability underpinning, Amy Berman Jackson should have been shocked when informed of Hart’s jury service history, and specifically respecting Hart’s earlier foremanship of a federal grand jury just ten years prior.

Hart’s four-time selection evidences human design and human intervention. Hart being picked a fourth time was not arbitrary by any means or calculation.

Jackson should have tossed Hart out of the Roger Stone jury with the speed of heat.

Jackson was responsible for ejecting Hart from Mr. Stone’s jury if for no other cause then in the exercise of extreme prudence necessary to the maintenance of judicial integrity especially in such an electrified and politically charged criminal court case.

Discovery of Hart’s return to a federal jury trial setting in such a short timespan was simply unbelievable, and cause for extreme caution and concern.

And yet…

Jackson’s bizarre acceptance of Hart into Mr. Stone’s criminal trial jury evidences that Judge Amy Berman Jackson was in on the fix.

Prudence was tossed to the four winds.

In reality, Berman is a creature of the culture of judicial tyranny and criminal routine we’ve come to discover due to the presidency of Donald John Trump. We now know with certainty judicial control of the jury is necessary and absolute.

Amy Berman Jackson knew of Hart’s pedigree. Jackson knew Hart was a trained and degreed attorney. Jackson knew Hart was an experienced juror, and more specifically, a trained, an experienced federal jury foreman. Jackson knew Hart was a Tennessee big-shot and hot-shot. Jackson knew Hart would share her incredible background with her co-jurors which means Jackson knew Hart was sure to be chosen by Hart’s fellow jurymen as their foreman.

Mentioned above, Hart was voted foreman on a secret ballot.

And yes, Tennessee criminal court judges persist to this moment in hand-selecting of county criminal court judges statewide in stark and arrogant disobedience to the U.S. Supreme Court two commands to stop. 


  • Hart’s several performances as a juror is routine, not random.
  • Hart’s several selections as a juror is unnatural!
  • Amy Berman Jackson planted Hart into Roger Stone’s jury.
  • Tomeka Hart is a two-timing professional juror and professional jury foreman!
  • And make no mistake: Discovery of Bob Mueller as the spawn and forcing function behind both the Madisonville Hoax trial and the Roger Stone federal trial is no coincidence!

Here endth the lesson!

*MUELLER MUG 13 JUNE 2019 | Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 2.42.30 PM copy

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 5.45.53 PM

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