The OATH that does not expire…

Monday, 6 July 2020

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One Response to “The OATH that does not expire…”

  1. m lermen Says:

    FFT mike wrote : Walt You know how I feel about it the marxists who are waging war . My oath doesnt expire either.  they have treated you an honorable naval officer with contempt , criminality and treason and they will be prosecuted and held to account for their war crimes against you and the rest of the american republic. I have a long memory and documentary evidence of their high crimes. when this war is won by us which it will be , we will hold Nuremberg type tribunals against these idiots to remind them that aiding and abetting the enemy will always  have harsh consequences even if it takes us extra time to execute it .  every corrupt judge , every corrupt police officer , every corrupt sherrif ,every corrupt fbi offical , every corrupt governor , every corrupt legislator, every corrupt  TBi,  every corrupt clerk,every corrupt foreman, every corrupt col every,  corrupt general ,every corrupt executive officer . all of them . 

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