Sarah Corriher on Kyle Rittenhouse

Monday, 31 August 2020

One Response to “Sarah Corriher on Kyle Rittenhouse”

  1. m lermen Says:

    Kenosha  images Kenosha Or Kosovo? Shocking Images Reveal Destruction After Race Riots Leave Buildings In Ruins

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Kenosha Or Kosovo? Shocking Images Reveal Destruction After Race Riots L…

    “You could still taste the smoke…” |



    Kyle Rittenhouse  was protecting his city from the Marxist locust attacking his city  with arson and explosives and other weapons of destruction .   The president need to realize our nation is being attacked by the breenen soros islamic marxist /nazi color revolution  and he needs to put togther rapid response special forces to arrest the threat and use lethal force if required  america is under attack .  These scum are branching out  and going suburban and leaving a trail of destruction see the link . It is like this in ever city they have done their riots . this is stage 2 of a 4 their part war plan.  Stage two is the wear down of the population through ever expanding riots ,large  arson and property destruction with a couple of murders thrown in for effect , Stage Three is the attacks on the utilities coming into our cities , black outs,loss of communications , and water shortages,  stage 4 is foriegn invasion and full scale war .   Make no mistake commander this is the beginning stages of a war. Obama and Biden use their time in office to position this thing to happen.  Hilary was suppose to finish their war plan and they were expecting Trump to disrupt their planned take down of America for their globalist handlers. 

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